Ski Resort Opening Dates For 2016-17


The lifts haven’t even started spinning, and Instagram newsfeeds are already inundated with footage of skiers out there getting sendy. Skiers at Stowe dodge rocks to cruise through a dusting from last weekend’s eleven inch storm. Folks in Mammoth are… Read More →

7 Unexpected Truths about Skiing in West Virginia


Where better to ski than the Mountain State? Below are 7 things we bet you didn’t know about West Virginia’s slopes. Sponsored by Wild, Wonderful, West Virginia. Keep up with WV’s winter adventure at, and all the latest excitement with… Read More →

What are the oldest ski areas in the U.S.?

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Defining the oldest U.S. ski areas can be a little challenging. The sport’s pioneers would often just gather to trudge up a local hill and then slide down. They were too busy skiing to write down when they first gathered…. Read More →

Newest Trend in Snowboard Technology is Inspired by Surf


The tides are changing in the world of snowboarding. Commonly known to have been born from the desire to bring surfing to the slopes, snowboarding became an outlet for extending one’s summer endeavors deep into the winter months. However, as… Read More →

PHOTOS: Up To 12″ of October Snow At These 11 Ski Resorts


Last week the internet was abuzz with predictions of October snow that could total up in feet for certain parts of Western North America. The Atmospheric River, which was actually the remnants of Typhoon Songda, has come and gone leaving much… Read More →

October Skiing: Where, When & Why


In most of the United States, November is the official start of ski and snowboard season. Yet at the highest altitudes (think Colorado) and the most northern climes (think Maine), the opening day race has begun. The Colorado Derby Each… Read More →

Atmospheric River Could Dump 7+ Feet of Snow On The West Coast


The west coast of the United States and Canada is about to get hit with the first significant series of storms of the 2016/17 winter. Forecasters are calling for powerful winds, massive waves, flooding, and…wait for it…very significant snowfall in… Read More →

6 of the U.S.’s Last Great Ski Towns


Let’s face it: things change. You get older, technology races full speed ahead and you can no longer get a tank of gas for less than a dollar. The ski industry has changed, too. From high-speed six-person chairlifts to apps… Read More →

12 Awesome Ski-In, Ski-Out Airbnbs You Can Rent Across North America

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Editor’s Note: This post was written by David Burden, Regional Manager (Ski) at Airbnb Light dustings of snow have already fallen at some the country’s highest elevation ski resorts, which means it’s a perfect time to start thinking about your… Read More →

6 Benefits Of Skiing & Snowboarding For Your Kids’ Health

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Getting kids outside might seem like an antiquated yet obvious sentiment, but for many young people, consistent outdoor participation (like skiing and snowboarding) is far from a reality. SOS Outreach (a non-profit that inspires its participants to ski, tackle the… Read More →