A reformed ski bum, I now have a full-time office job but still teach skiing on the weekends at my local ski area. My day job is Director of Consulting Services at RRC Associates, where I advise tourism, travel, and hospitality clients on understanding consumer feedback and market forces. I also make presentations and occasionally write articles about mountain tourism and snowsports. Weekends in the winter I am usually at Eldora Mountain Resort, either teaching skiing or making turns with my family. In the summer you can find me biking, hiking, or enjoying a homemade cocktail on my deck.
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Mountain Riders Alliance: Small But Mighty Ski Areas

Large ski areas may get most of the attention and press during the winter, but small ski areas have character, soul, and passion. Small ski areas are a great place to learn to ski or snowboard; are family-friendly; and have… Read More →


How It Works: Terrain Parks 101

Back in the dark ages of skiing, things were different.  We rode dinosaurs to school (uphill both ways, of course), had to hike for all our turns, and if we wanted to get some air on our skis (snowboards did… Read More →


Ski Safety: Tips To Protect Skiers & Riders On The Slopes

Why do we love to snowboard and ski? That’s a silly question with an easy answer: because it’s fun. A significant contributor to the fun of downhill snowsports is the sensation of sliding down the hill, in control but at speeds… Read More →


Ski Dads: 4 Tips For Skiing With Little Ones

A couple of winters ago, when my sons were 4 and 6, I took them skiing at a big mountain where we hadn’t skied before. My wife was out of town so it was just the three of us. We… Read More →


How It Works: Snow Grooming 101

Fresh powder is the Holy Grail of snowboarding – but the next best thing is sweet, smooth corduroy. Carving turns on a perfectly groomed trail under deep blue skies is one of the best experiences on the hill. Did you… Read More →


Green Snowmaking Initiatives in New England

Have you ever taken advantage of rebates to help replace your old refrigerator or air conditioner with a more energy-efficient one? Local utilities and governments offer similar incentive programs to businesses, including ski areas in Vermont and Maine. Efficiency Vermont,… Read More →


Best Prices For Early Season Snowboarding & Ski Lessons

The winter season is approaching in the Northern Hemisphere, and unless you spent the summer in New Zealand or Chile (or at Liberty Mountain Snowflex Park), you probably haven’t experienced the feeling of sliding on snow for 7 or 8… Read More →


A Skier’s & Rider’s Bucket List

It’s here: The growing buzz at your local ski shop. Approaching deadlines for resort season passes. Gear reviews in your Facebook feed. Fall seasonal beers and pumpkin spice Oreos (yes, that’s a real thing). These happenings can mean only one… Read More →

PHOTO: Crystal Mountain Resort

What’s New At Ski Resorts For 2014-15?

While you’ve been mountain biking, enjoying the beach, or traveling this summer, your favorite ski area has been busy making improvements for the upcoming 2014-15 season. The summer is a critical time for construction projects that would either be too… Read More →


How It Works: Snowmaking 101

Snowmaking is essential to keeping the slopes white and skiable during the winter months. It supplements natural snow, gets trails and terrain open more quickly in the early part of the season, and helps extend the season, on both the… Read More →