Jules Older is an award-winning writer and is publisher of the ebook, SKIING THE EDGE, available on all platforms.

Alta: The (White) Stuff of Legends

When I ask other ski fanatics, “What’s your favorite American ski hill?” an awful lot of them give the same answer. Care to guess what answer that might be? If you guessed Alta, you win the prize. So what makes… Read More →


Here’s Why Spring Skiing Is Arguably The Best Skiing

Have you ever uttered these words? “No thanks, no dessert please. I filled up on all that cabbage and kale, and I hate to spoil the meal with apple pie.” Or heard these words spring from your mouth? “A goodnight… Read More →


The Most Beautiful Mountains On The Planet?

I asked, What are the most beautiful mountains on Planet Earth? Not the best snow, not the best grooming — the most beautiful. And you answered. Boy, did you answer. Here’s what you said: Banff, Cambodia, Chile, Colorado, Jasper, Massachusetts, New… Read More →

St. Patrick's Day at Mt. Rose

Older’s Top 10 Laws for Skiers & Riders

I’ve skied and ridden from Newfoundland to New Zealand, Vermont to Vancouver, Great Britain to British Columbia, and I’ve learned a thing or two along the way.  Here are my top ten laws for skiers & riders – newbies and… Read More →