Katie Coakley is a freelance writer who covers travel, cuisine, beer and spirits. You'll find her SUPing on the Gulf of Mexico or high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado when she's not glacier climbing in Iceland, diving in Borneo or riding the rails in Vietnam. Follow her adventures online on Instagram (@Katie_on_the_Map), Twitter at @katiecoakley or at Katie on the Map.

Upgrade Your Run: New Ski App Virtually Puts You on the Slopes

Technology is a wonderful thing. It wasn’t that long ago that punctuality was necessary because there wasn’t a way to call or text to let your friends know that you were going to be late. Letters were the preferred way… Read More →


Predicting A Good Snow Year: Myths & Facts

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that anyone who enjoys the snow is going to try to predict how, when, where and how much it’s going to snow in an upcoming winter. From measuring the height of skunkweed to counting grasshoppers… Read More →


Sieben (7) Ways to Win at Oktoberfest

It’s a well-known fact that mountain folks will use just about any excuse to have a party. Just finished a full day of skiing? Let’s après. Need a bit more snow? Let’s throw a party for the snow gods. St…. Read More →

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Malts in the Mountains: 10 Ski Town Breweries

Some things in life just go together—Peas and carrots. Hipsters and moustache wax. Mountains and beer. Whether you’ve just summited a peak or raced down one with your proverbial hair on fire, there’s nothing quite like a cold one when… Read More →


13 Perfect Ski Resort Pools You Need To Jump Into

You know what can make an awesome mountain resort even better? An awesome pool. That’s right: winter or summer, snow or sunshine—a pool can create amazing memories during your vacation. Whether you’re soothing tired muscles after an epic day in… Read More →


Beer Me: Best Canned Beers for Outdoor Activities

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, then summer is Romeo to our winter Juliet. Like the star-crossed lovers, we eagerly await the opportunity to progress our romance. However, we’re talking about our love of summer activities like hiking, biking,… Read More →


10 Ways to Survive Mud Season

The resorts are closed, the snow is melting and the weather still can’t decide whether it’s in the mood for tropical-style heat or mood-killing chills. It’s mud season in the high country. And while some people are reveling in the… Read More →


9 Ski Resort Bloody Marys To Try

Ah, the Bloody Mary: that spicy, savory, tomato juice-based, vodka-laced drink that is enjoyed with such relish (literal and figurative relish) during brunch, on a ski break or as a hangover remedy. Few “classic” cocktails have as colorful past as… Read More →


Ticket to Ride: 7 Ways To Travel By Ski Train

On the weekend of March 14 – 15, the Winter Park Ski Train departed from Union Station in Denver with its cars full of excited skiers and snowboarders. It was a blast from the past—six years past, as a matter… Read More →

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If Your Ski Resort Were a Drink…

As unique as a snowflake, every ski resort has a distinctive feeling and vibe. Rolling up to a lift in New England is decidedly different than hopping on a chair in Colorado. Each ski resort’s personality is created from many… Read More →