The Most Beautiful Mountains On The Planet?


I asked, What are the most beautiful mountains on Planet Earth? Not the best snow, not the best grooming — the most beautiful. And you answered. Boy, did you answer. Here’s what you said: Banff, Cambodia, Chile, Colorado, Jasper, Massachusetts, New… Read More →

8 Ways To Spot A Ski Bum


Ski Bum (noun phrase): A person who frequents ski resorts habitually, often doing casual jobs, for the sake of skiing. (1960+) –The Dictionary of American Slang, Fourth Edition by Barbara Ann Kipfer, PhD. and Robert L. Chapman, Ph.D. Or, to… Read More →

Winter Isn’t Over Yet – More Powder This Week!


Courtesy of our friends at Open Snow. For more details about the snowfall at your favorite areas, check the “Daily Snow” posts from Open Snow forecasters in Tahoe, Utah, Colorado, the Northwest, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona, and the Northeast. The calendar says that it’s officially spring, but… Read More →

More of North America’s Favorite Skiing: Trees & Powder Edition


Trees and powder: they go together. And while you don’t need glades to enjoy powder skiing, one of the charms of ducking into the trees is scoring deep, soft snow, days after the last storm. We recently published two posts,… Read More →

4 Tips For Skiing Over 50


I started skiing at the age of 6 and I’m now well above 50. My first boots had laces; my skis had screw-in edges and ski straps; my poles had leather strap baskets. A lot has changed since then –… Read More →

Injury Prevention Advice From Ski Team Doctor


As U.S. Freestyle Ski Team physician, Dr. David Goltz sees his share of ski injuries. For the team’s mogul skiers, the biggest nemesis is the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear in the knee. On the aerials side of the team,… Read More →

Best Excuses for Playing Hooky & Skiing or Snowboarding


In case you haven’t already heard, this week marks the start of the 5th Annual National Play Hooky and Ski Week. Now it’s time to arm you with the excuses you’ll need to successfully pull it off! Last week, we… Read More →

Turn Back the Clock: Vintage Ski Maps


The history of skiing is a very, very long one, dating back to the last Ice Age during the Paleolithic period. Don’t believe me? Cave drawings have been found suggesting that man used skis. More proof? The oldest ski artifacts,… Read More →

6 Ski Destinations Where Winter Is ‘Off-Season’ & Lodging Is Cheaper


“Ski-in, ski-out” lodging offers convenience that generally comes at healthy price tag. Even for lodging options farther from the lifts, the winter season demands the highest lodging rates in most ski towns. However, for a few towns and regions with… Read More →

The 2016-2017 Mountain Collective Pass Is Here!


Dreaming of a Southern Hemisphere ski trip? Make 2016 the year it happens! Last year, the Mountain Collective expanded its impressive stable of resorts to include Stowe, Sun Valley, Taos, and Australia’s own Thredbo. This year, the pass is adding Ski New… Read More →