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If you’re looking for the deepest snow this week, head to the western US. California will likely take home the prize for the most snow with 2-4 FEET possible through the week, and nearly every other state will see at least 6-12 inches with the best powder on Friday for many areas.

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Short Term Forecast

Forecast for Monday to Friday

How about this 5-day snow forecast map!

While the most intense snow is still a few days away, slated for the middle and end of the week, the signal in this 5-day snow forecast is unmistakable – we will be skiing powder over most regions of the western United States.

It looks like California will take home the crown for the most snow with up to 4 feet possible, mostly on Wednesday and Thursday. Other regions will likely see the best powder on Friday, and there could be deep freshies in Colorado on Saturday morning as well.

In the east, a storm late in the week (Friday or Saturday) should bring a snow/rain mix, with mostly snow falling over interior New England.

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Forecast for the weekend

I have low confidence in the details of the snow forecast for the upcoming weekend.

There will likely be another storm that will bring snow to the northwest and the northern Rockies on Sunday into Monday, and the mid-Atlantic could see a system as well. Again, though, the details of this forecast are uncertain and the map below will definitely change during the coming days.

Extended Forecast

The outlook for January 21-25

A few days ago, the outlook for the middle and end of January was not very certain.

Now, the latest models are giving us much more confidence.

Most models agree that there will be cold temperatures in the eastern 2/3rds of the United States and Canada, with a storm track along the western side of this cold air, diving down to the south and eventually up the east coast. This might mean that storms could hit the Rockies (Alberta, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico) before they progress eastward.

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