Everyone has those ski bum friends whose ski socks are perpetually mismatched. Those friends whose baselayers smell as if they’ve been wedged between couch cushions for months. They’re the friends who sprint to the lift five minutes before it opens, the remnants of a gas station breakfast burrito in hand, coffee spilling everywhere, only to remember they left their pass in the center console of the car.

There’s no doubt these friends shred. And when it comes to sharp edges or properly canted boots, their gear is on fleek. They’ll splurge on a case of PBR at the end of the day, but time and time again, they’ll beg you for some duck tape, sneak a bite of your granola bar, or borrow a ski strap and never give it back. So this holiday season, hit up our handy Ski Bum Gift Guide for some gift ideas for skiers and snowboarders that will save yourself and your ski bum friend some time, money and frustration.

Oh…. And P.S., that elusive, forgetful person I’m referring to above… that is actually me. So no shame in indulging in an act of self-aware, self-appreciation and buying these items for yourself.

1. Ski Straps

The Ski Bum Gift Guide: 13 Gift Ideas For Skiers & Snowboarders


You are at the bottom of the bootpack when you realize, ‘Oh shit. This next 45 minutes is going to be even tougher than it would have been if my only issue was this super steep climb and my abysmal cardiovascular shape. My ski-carry is going berserk, and my skis are wobbling all over the place, slipping from my backpack and whipping me in the ankles.’ But fear not: with a ski strap in your pocket, your set up will be aerodynamic and you’ll feel like an uphill ninja.

Find ski straps on Amazon.

2. Duck Tape

The Ski Bum Gift Guide: 13 Gift Ideas For Skiers & Snowboarders

From cheetah print to tie-dye, duct tape has never been more fun. PHOTO CREDIT: Mike Mozart

Duck Tape has endless uses, and it always seems to come in handy when you least expect it. Whether it’s taping rips in your boot liners, patching over holes on the fingertips of your gloves or covering exposed skin on brisk days, you’ll never be sorry you have it. Not to mention the incredibly entertaining chairlift uses, included but not limited to crafting duck tape wallets or taping annoying friends’ mouths shut.

Find Duck Tape on Amazon.

3. Zip Ties

Necessary for the obvious attaching of ski passes and lift tickets to your pants. Also amazing for the less-obvious, incredibly-hilarious prank of zip-tieing your friends to the chairlift. Or, if you are feeling extra saucy, to each other.

Find Zip Ties on Amazon.

Buy Lift Tickets in Advance and Save

4. Flasks

Cold out there? Swig of whisky and you are good. Hungry and cold? Swig of spiked cocoa and you’re feeling like a god/godess. Celebrating an incredible ski day with a last gondola ride? Time to rip the tequila shots and send some spicy trailside kickers. Flasks are easy-to-conceal and small enough to make sure that things dance that delicate line of under-control and a bit rowdy.

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5. Liftopia Gift Cards

The Ski Bum Gift Guide: 13 Gift Ideas For Skiers & Snowboarders

PHOTO CREDIT: Zach Dischner

You are begging your friend to come visit you at a different mountain, but they’re cheap. Hand them a $10 Liftopia gift card and they’ll suddenly be more inclined to sleep on your couch, bum off of your hospitality, and beat you down your local secret stashes.

Hook your friends (or yourself) up with a Liftopia gift card in any amount from $5-$1000. No fees or expirations.

6. Screwdriver

You finally get the confidence to drop that ten foot cliff below the chairlift. But shit, your dins are just a little too low. Hold your horses though. You still have time to shine: With a screwdriver in hand, crank up that toe pressure, wiggle out the nerves, and give‘er another send.

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7. Ramen

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Nothing like a gut-bomb, belly-soothing cup o’ noodles and hot broth to revive you and send you back out to shred for the rest of the day.

Find Ramen on Amazon

8. Gas Cards

The Ski Bum Gift Guide: 13 Gift Ideas For Skiers & Snowboarders

Don’t be like these fools and get stranded on the side of the road on a powder day. Fill your gas tanks. PHOTO CREDIT: Matt Beal

Nothing worse than getting stuck in your friend’s smelly car on the access road while zooming to a powder day. Not to mention the annoying, “Can I borrow 30 bucks, I forgot my wallet?” that you will hear after a long day of skiing, when you are on your way home, itching to indulge in that well-deserved shower beer combo. Save yourself and your friend the frustration and make sure they’re always stocked up on gas-currency.

Find Gasoline Gift Cards on SVM Cards.

9. Lighter

Emm… multiple uses we’ll allow you to use your imagination for. Not to mention, if you are in a sticky situation, you can start a fire and prevent hypothermia. A lighter is pretty key in any survival kit and more generally pretty key for day-to-day “survival” for your, eh hem, mischievous friend.

Find Lighters on Amazon.

10. Liftopia Schwag

The Ski Bum Gift Guide: 13 Gift Ideas For Skiers & Snowboarders


Beanies, caps, shot glasses, chapstick… the list goes on. Whether you are on the hill surfing champagne pow or in the parking lot aprésing, you are sure to adventure in style with any of our Liftopia schwag.

Shop the Liftopia Schwag store.

11. P-tex

If you ski 100 days a year you’re bound to hit a rock at some point.  P-tex candles can fill those ugly, speed robbing core shots in minutes with little more than a lighter and a metal straight edge.  Hey… there’s another use for the lighter!

Find P-tex on Amazon.

12. Headlamp

The Ski Bum Gift Guide: 13 Gift Ideas For Skiers & Snowboarders

PHOTO CREDIT: Zach Dischner

Please Bring a headlamp. Always come prepared for a dusk mission.

Find headlamps on Amazon.

13. Snickers Bar

The Ski Bum Gift Guide: 13 Gift Ideas For Skiers & Snowboarders

PHOTO CREDIT: Leonid Mamchenkov

Nutty. Chocolaty. Caramel. Wafer. What could be more divine than a delicious victory snickers? It’s the perfect hungover-in-the-liftline breakfast. The perfect on-the-go, pre-hike pocket lunch. Nothing screams powder day like a post-sesh snickers bar. For those skeptics of candy, please reserve your judgement, stop being a freak and relish in the tasty, life-giving sensation of a top-of-the-bootpack candy bar.

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  1. Jeff Froelicher says:

    Don’t forget a ShredPad board stand!!! Keeps your board safe and floors clean.

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