Editor’s Note: The 4th Annual National Play Hooky and Ski Week kicks off on March 2, 2015! We’ve got tons of great advance purchase lift ticket deals across the U.S. and Canada so read up on these excuses below and get ready to hit the slopes!


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We don’t want a four letter word like WORK to get in the way of you experiencing epic powder turns. Last week we posted a question on our Facebook page asking what your favorite excuses were to get you out of the office and skiing. Here is the list that you came up with. Some are definitely more convincing than others, but we applaud everyone for their creativity.

1. Religious Reason – Snow Gods are calling.

2. Jury Duty.

3. Got a fever… for more skiing!

4. Quit job and work for Liftopia.

5. Migraine. No one messes with migraines.

6. Purchase and print a fake Doctor’s excuse:

7. I’m having vision problems: I just can’t see myself coming into work on a powder day!

8. My grandma is sick. No, the other one, not the same one as last week…

9. The kids have a snow day and I need to stay home and take care of them.

10. In New Hampshire I once had a bad case of Cannon fever.

11. No excuses, just go.

12. Alpine Fever

13. Gear testing for backpacker.

14. The powder was so deep, that it made me siiiiiick…

15. We ski at Crystal Mountain, MI. I signed my son out of school early saying he had an appointment at the “Crystal Clinic.”

16. Declare Pink Eye.

17. Anal Glaucoma. You just can’t see your ass coming in to work today.

18. *Cough Cough* Can’t come in, sick & need rest, shutting off phone.

19. Simply say you can’t come in. No excuses, no reason. Just that you can’t come in and you’ll see them the day after.

20. Honesty. It’s a Powder Day and you plan on hitting the mountains. Just try not to do it every powder day.

With these excuses in mind, check out our lift tickets deals available from 83% off: and go right ahead… pick your day, pick your excuse and sneak out for a ski day. After all, it’s National Play Hooky & Ski Week. You’ve earned it!

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3 responses to “20 Excuses: Play Hooky & Go Skiing”

  1. Brandon says:

    Hayley, If you are going to “borrow” content from others then you’ve got to give them credit. What’s the deal?

  2. Sgian-dubh says:

    Hi Brandon. I read your link and if she borrowed anything it was only the concept of calling in sick to go skiing. In other words…. NOT

  3. […] share some of our favorite excuses here at the Liftopia HQ.  You may remember a few from last year, but they’re so slick we wanted to share them with you again, along with a few new gems […]

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