Whether tarmac or trail flows beneath your tires, you understand the heart-pumping art of rolling on two wheels. Velocity, torque, force – these are merely words, the scientific jargon we have adopted in an attempt to describe the indescribable. As technical as our pedal-and-metal machines are, no scientific slang can aptly explain the sensation of pinging a line through a rock garden or crowning a mountain pass, cleansed with sweat and ready to slash down the other side. Still, we thank the scientists for the futuristic innovations they engineer year after year, for without them we would be stuck riding rigs as rickety as rickshaws. This list of 2013’s best bikes is the result of decades of cycling r & d, so seize one of these steeds and enjoy the ancient art of cycling on a modern science project.

Road Bikes:

Tarmac Specialized S-Works SL4

Tarmac Specialized S-Works SL4 –

 The favorite of Tour de France favorites and cycling enthusiasts alike, the Tarmac lives up to its exalted S-Works badge. Boasting a carbon frame constructed with Specialized’s most progressive technology, the bike is the lightest and stiffest offering from the renowned company, making it one of the lightest and stiffest steeds on the planet. A tapered head tube smoothes steering and adds to the super-cycle’s strength. Every millimeter is designed for optimum performance, and the mine’s worth of Pro Tour medals won on the Tarmac is the best evidence we could ask for. Learn more->

Cannondale CAAD10 105-

Cannondale CAAD10 105-

While Carbon is the latest element to be snatched from the periodic table and sat upon the throne of performance cycle production, we must not forget about Aluminum. Cannondale certainly hasn’t. The CAAD10 105’s trimmed aluminum race frame is more rigid and lighter than many much more expensive carbon models. Cornering steep banks or climbing brutal grades, the CAAD10 105 can hang. Plus, your wallet will thank you. Learn More->

Pinarello Dogma 651

Pinarello Dogma 65.1 Think 2 –

Of the various performance bikes that made up 2013’s peloton, the Pinarello Dogma 65.1 Think 2 claimed the two top podium finishes. This aerodynamic arrow of a bike glides silently to victory with high-grade carbon construction, a newly designed Onda 2 fork, and an asymmetrical top tube. A mechanical beast, the Dogma is also compatible with electronic shifters. Personalize your carbon charger, but be prepared to fork out some serious dough. Learn More->

Giant Defy 2 –

Giant Defy 2 –

At just over a $1000, expectations for the Giant Defy 2 were justifiably small. The Giant exceeded those bogus expectations, performing like a much pricier ride. Combining Giant wheels with Shimano Tiagra 10-speed shifting, the stiff yet suave street-sweeper cuts out unnecessary expensive components, keeping the cost low and the performance high. Learn more->

specialized amira sl4

Specialized Amira SL 4

The Specialized Amira SL4 is a devil among speed demons. Built similarly to the triumphant Tarmac SL4 except with a shallow drop handlebar, a women’s saddle, and a tapered head tube geometrically designed to fit the female form, this race day warrior is shaped for a woman who demands ergonomic compatibility and performance. Learn more->


Mountain Bike

santa cruz tall boy ltc

Santa Cruz Tallboy LTC– 29er

With 135 mm of travel, this carbon creation from Santa Cruz is an all-mountain machine. At 5.18 pounds – including top-knotch VPP suspension, the frame is lighter than most bikes that can handle a similar thrashing. Versatile and efficient, this trail bike is a multitalented master of mayhem that will take you far and beyond what you previously though possible. Learn more->

 2013.9.17 Yeti Carbon

Yeti SB95 Carbon

This Yeti can outrun the Abominable Snowman. The race-worthy trailblazer comes complete with a carbon frame that is the result of over half a decade of hardcore testing and development. The Switch Technology suspension is plush and absorbent and the low-lying geometry of the bike is designed to keep the tires tracking on the trail, unless of course you are looking to boost some hangtime. Yeti’s finest and fiercest bike to date, the SB95C will have you sleeping in the garage curled around its sweet frame. Learn More->


gt zaskar 100 hans rey

GT Zaskar 100 Hans Rey

This whip not only looks like a Ferrari, but it rides like one, too. That is, if Ferraris could bounce off boulders and drop cliffs. The GT Zaskar 100 Hans Rey is comprised of the same quality parts that Trials World Champion himself uses. Plenty of travel, 26-inch Cobalt 2 wheels, and a Shimano XT drivetrain make this piece of art worth breaking out of a maximum-security museum. Learn more->

trek lush 29

Trek Lush 29er

Whether you’re ripping through lush aspen groves or lush jungle trails, this Trek will having you feeling, that’s right: lush. The full-suspension 29er is stacked with tech, from the Fox Evolution DRCV shocks to the Shimano drivetrain, the tubeless ready beast is perfect for woman who don’t compromise. Leave the rest in the dust with the lush. Learn more->


kona kahuna

Kona Kahuna

This hardtail is a perfect purchase for a singletrack enthusiast who doesn’t want to break the bank. Instead of forking out a little more money for a mediocre full-suspension bike, you can grab a Kona Kahuna, a capable and affordable hardtail speedster. Shimano disc brakes, a race-ready carbon frame, and a Fox 32 Float CTD 100 mm travel fork will have you flying past full-suspension bikes, not to mention at less than half the price. Learn More-> 

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