Editor’s Note: As the Mountain Collective Pass is a quantity based sale, the $399 price point has sold out as well as the $1.00 children’s price point. Tickets are of limited quantity and prices are subject to change. The pass is currently available for purchase at $469 per adult and $99 per child.

1. More days at Alta & Snowbird

In past years, customers got 2 total days at Alta and Snowbird combined. New for the 2017-18 season, passholders will now get 2 days at EACH Alta and Snowbird. That’s 4 days in Little Cottonwood off the bat, and if you choose one of these resorts as your 3rd free day in the spring sale, you could get 5 days in the LCC. Not to mention, you still have 28 days at the other iconic, world-wide destinations.  

The Mountain Collective Pass Just Got Even Better For 2017-18

Snowbird Resort. PHOTO: The Mountain Collective

2. Snowbasin added in Utah

Mountain Collective has added Snowbasin in Utah for the coming season. Snowbasin is known for it’s amazing terrain, world-class lodges and minimal crowds, even on peak weekends. Combined with the additional days at Alta and Snowbird, you’ll get 6 days in Utah, or 7 if you choose one of the three Utah resorts as your 3rd free day during the spring sale.

The Mountain Collective Pass Just Got Even Better For 2017-18

PHOTO: Snowbasin

3. More days in the Canadian Rockies

Historically, passholders have received 2 days combined at the Banff area’s Ski Big 3 Resorts: Lake Louise, Sunshine and Norquay. Next winter, passholders will get 2 days at Lake Louise, 2 days at Sunshine and 1 day at Norquay (along with free shuttle service among the resorts), for a total of 5 days at Ski Big 3, plus the 28 days at the Mountain Collective’s other iconic, world-wide destinations.

The Mountain Collective Pass Just Got Even Better For 2017-18

PHOTO: Banff Lake Louise

4. Sugarbush Added in the Northeast

The Mountain Collective has added Vermont’s Sugarbush Resort, replacing Stowe as a New England option on the pass. As one of New England’s largest resorts, Sugarbush is a must-ski destination known for it’s steep terrain and classic New England charm.

The Mountain Collective Pass Just Got Even Better For 2017-18

PHOTO: Sugarbush Resort

5. $1 Kids Is Back – SOLD OUT

For a limited time, Mountain Collective passholders were able to buy a $1 kids pass with every adult pass purchased. Unfortunately, this perk is sold out and no longer available.

The Mountain Collective Pass Just Got Even Better For 2017-18

PHOTO: Sugarbush Resort

What else does the Mountain Collective have to offer?

32 days at 16 world-class ski destinations

Each 2017-18 Mountain Collective passholder will receive 2 days each at sixteen of some of the world’s most iconic ski destinations: Alta Ski Area, Aspen Snowmass, Banff Sunshine, Coronet Peak | The Remarkables, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Lake Louise Ski Resort, Mammoth Mountain, Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Snowbasin Resort, Snowbird, Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, Sugarbush Resort, Sun Valley, Taos Ski Valley, Telluride Ski Resort, and Thredbo Alpine Village.

With 32 total days of skiing and snowboarding, you can hop from peak to peak, ensuring you’ll never stop exploring.

No blackout dates

Plan your ski vacations where you want them and when you want them. The pass has no blackout dates…. Yes, even during the busy holiday season.

50% off additional days

Can’t get enough of one resort? Return as many times as you want, enjoying 50% off on all additional days.

Ski around the world with 6 bonus days

Pass holders also get 2 days each at Global Affiliate Resort: Valle Nevado in Chile, Hakuba Valley in Japan and Chamonix Mont Blanc in France. If you’re up for the challenge, that’s another 6 bonus days of skiing.

Purchase early and get one additional free day

Not only are you guaranteed the lowest price of the season if you buy now, spring pass purchasers will receive one bonus day at the destination of your choice.

Total annual snowfall = 6,752”

Several of the Mountain Collective resorts are known for their massive snow depths. The combined average annual snowfall total for TMC destinations is an impressive 6,752”! With 54,092 acres, 40 mountains, 450 lifts, and 2,748 trails, every ski trip can be a brand new adventure and a chance to explore brand new terrain.

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25 responses to “5 Ways The Mountain Collective Pass Just Got Even Better For 2017-18”

  1. Shawn Olesewski says:

    Anyway to buy these without assigning it to a specific person right away? Say if you wanted to purchase them as potential gifts?

    • liftopia says:

      Hi Shawn, Mountain Collective passes are skier specific, so they must be registered with a specific name at the time of purchase. Perhaps you could purchase a pass as an early present for a special someone…

  2. JRB3000 says:

    Don’t know what the makeup is between skiers and snowboarders on the pass, but for me the Alta days are useless… you could make a nice trip out of 2 days at Sunshine, Lake Louise, and Revy though…

    • liftopia says:

      Unfortunately as a snowboarder you may not redeem your 2 days at Alta at a different Mountain Collective destination. But you are right, 5 days in the Banff area (Norquay, Lake Louise and Sunshine) and 2 days at Revelstoke would make an excellent trip…

      • JRB3000 says:

        Wish it was Solitude, Brighton, or a Park City mtn instead of Alta… really kind of rubs me the wrong way.

  3. monty voigt says:

    What is the age limit on the $1 child pass?

    • liftopia says:

      Hi Monty. The $1 Child Pass is valid for kids 12 and under and must be purchased with an adult Mountain Collective Pass.

  4. Mamalonglegs says:

    Could I use this for the remaining time left for winter 2017?

    • liftopia says:

      Unfortunately, the 2017-18 Mountain Collective Passes are only valid for next season. Global affiliate resort Valle Nevado gives you 1 year from date of purchase, and Thredbo (AU) is valid for this summer.

  5. DurangoWill says:

    Looks like last year they added some areas after the pass went on sale. Any chance that they will do that again? I assume that when they add areas it is good for the people that signed up before the new resorts were added, is that right?

    • liftopia says:

      Yes, you’re correct… If any other resorts are added for the 2017-18 season, all pass holders (even if they purchased before the new resorts joined) will absolutely get those same benefits.

  6. Steve Bosinoff says:

    Do you need to make advanced reservations to redeem at each mountain or does it work like a regular season pass? Just show up to the mountain and ski?

    • Josh Blaylock says:

      Typically when we have used ours, we have to visit guest services before riding on day 1. If you are doing two or three days at the same resort, they usually are able to load an rfid card for that specific resort so that you don’t have to come back on the second or third day. It would be cool if you could get one card in the mail that works everywhere, but alas, this is not to my knowledge currently the case.

    • Fast Freddie says:

      It is a bit of a hassle having to wait in line for your pass at the resort. At Mammoth I waited for an hour while the powder get shralped. Some resorts can send you your pass ahead of time but I found that it took most of the season to get mine and I had already been to the mountain before receiving it. I think it is something they are working on and more kinks should be worked out for the next year. Seems like a simple thing to do since most resorts use RFID these days.

  7. JP says:

    Are the 50% discounts available on the senior rates at all ski areas? Assuming of course the person is a senior (over 65).

  8. Fast Freddie says:

    Keeping something the same($1 kids’ pass) is not making it better. Drop Squaw/Alpine and add Sierra at Tahoe, Mt. Rose, or Homewood to make it better. Squaw/Alpine worst run area I have ever been to.

  9. j dutch says:

    Zero added benefit for a snowboarder with Alta. Actually not zero added, but less valuable since some get benefit and others don’t get anything. With Squaw/Aspen buying Steamboat and Winterpark really would like to see those added to list. I like mtn collective but would really like to see one or more Tahoe resorts added in future. Flying in and out of Reno is easy with plenty of budget places to stay. Add Sugar bowl or Mt Rose for a home run. my 2cts. thx

  10. Colin Smith says:

    it’s really too bad Alta discriminates against snowboarders.. Thats 2 extra days I guess I’ll miss out on.. I should be able to snowboard 4 days at Snowbird instead.

  11. liftopia says:

    Hi JP, The 50% off benefit is calculated off of the walk up window rate for the day you intend on skiing, for your age category. So if you are qualify for the senior rate at that mountain, you will receive 50% off the senior rate for that day.

  12. liftopia says:

    Hi Steve, each resort has a slightly different redemption process which can be found here: In general, you have to visit a ticket window or season pass office on your first trip to a resort and you can go directly to the lifts after that. Last year the Mountain Collective launched a pilot program to mail passes directly to you from participating resorts. If you are a passholder, look out for emails about updates to that program.

  13. MellowDaddy says:

    you should also learn to ski…

  14. Paul O says:

    I SKI when at Alta and it’s always fun!

  15. auto13142828 says:

    They don’t discriminate. It’s a traditional Ski Resort. If they only allowed old wooden skis I would rent old wooden skis and not cry about it.

  16. Michael Constantine says:

    I live in Silverton, which contrary to most articles you read does NOT have a real ski area, and the Mountain Collective Pass has been my saving grace for three years now. I live in the middle of Telluride, Taos, and Aspen. Don’t know how I’d chase powder without it. Please add Crested Butte, and it will be the ultimate solution for us ski bums in Silverton who are locked-out of our so-called home mountain and watching it convert into an all-inclusive heliski resort.

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