I was stoked. Just coming off a sunny trip to Chile, I was jumping back to winter with a day of skiing at one of my favorite places, Whistler Blackcomb. It had been six months since I had last set foot on the Coast Mountain Range and I was craving some sweet British Columbia love. I lined up a day of slope-side picnics and scenic views with some hot tips from my friend, Feet Banks from the Whistler Insider Blog, and along side my friend, Kat Weed. We were all set.

I arrived in Whistler to cloudy, socked-in, slightly rainy mountains. And my ski boots were too tight.

As powder chasers, we all know you can’t plan weather. And as they say in Chile, when life gives you lemons, you make a Pisco Sour. Unfortunately I didn’t bring back any pisco from Chile, but nonetheless, we didn’t let the lack of scenic views or the drizzle get us down.

It’s one of the things that I love the most about Whistler, it has a magical energy and amazing people – the perfect combination for a good time that not even the weather or uncomfortable ski boots could ruin.

So, when you can’t see more than a foot in front of you on Whistler Blackcomb, and you’re with two good friends, this is what you do:

3 Weatherproof Ways To Enjoy Whistler Blackcomb

Kat Weed scoring some white gold. PHOTO: Feet Banks

1. Ski the trees with good friends you haven’t seen for a while and take a selfie.

My friend, Feet Banks, assured me it was snowing in the alpine and pockets of powder were to be found. And in pursuit of good snow, he even took a face plant for us ladies.

We started our adventure on Blackcomb taking the Jersey Cream chair and making our way over to 7th Heaven. Because we couldn’t see where we were going, or even make it to our first picnic location, we headed for the trees, scored some nice snow (took a pee break, sorry no photos) and posed for a selfie. And Feet was right—Even though it’s nearing the end of the ski season, there’s still good snow to be found up top while the valley enjoys the arrival of spring down below.

3 Weatherproof Ways To Enjoy Whistler Blackcomb

Feet Banks, Sarah Woods, Kat Weed take a selfie. PHOTO: Feet Banks

2. Take a ride on Peak 2 Peak.

Sure, it was cloudy so the view was compromised, but my friend Kat, a former Whistler local, had never ridden the Peak 2 Peak gondola before. We loaded into a cabin and caught-up while we took in the mist of the clouds over the 11-minute ride from Blackcomb to Whistler.

It really isn’t your typical gondola ride. It’s a game-changer. What used to take at least an hour because of having to go down one mountain and up the other, now takes less than 15 minutes. You can meet up with a new crew of friends, or experience a whole new hill, without taking up too much precious slope time!

3 Weatherproof Ways To Enjoy Whistler Blackcomb

Kat Weed and Sarah Woods in the clouds on PEAK 2 PEAK.

 3. Aprés at the GLC.

What’s a day on the hill without après? (Especially since we didn’t get any slope-side pinic-ing in.) The GLC has an all season patio, arguably the best nachos in the village and a darn good-looking staff. (Thanks Mike Wilson for the top-notch service and smiles.)

Located at the base of Whistler, the GLC is home to the best Hot Doggin’ party in North America. Hosted every year on the closing day of Whistler (mark your calendar!), it’s a favorite party for locals and some of the best ski ballet competitions in North America.

3 Weatherproof Ways To Enjoy Whistler Blackcomb

Feet Banks and Kat Weed enjoying their nachos a little too much at the GLC. PHOTO: Sarah Woods

Like my Dad always told me, you can’t have a bad day when you’re on your skis. And my day at Whistler Blackcomb was no exception.


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