Ski season is upon us! (For some, it’s already here.) If you haven’t started to prep for winter, it’s time to get cracking.

Those who work in the ski/snow industry are already “knee deep” in pre-season preparations already. Ski Patrollers, like me, have been training since the summer (part of the annual re-certification process) and planning for the upcoming season pretty much since last spring.

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Here’s a checklist to make sure you’re ready for the ski season ahead.

1. Get started on a fitness routine.

Skiing is a very physical sport and is demanding on your body. Like other physical sports, you get more pleasure and reduce your chance of injury if you are in shape coming into the season.

It’s never too late to get in the gym and start a ski/snowboard specific training program. Going for a brisk walk and using the stairs instead of escalators will help. Simple activities such as cycling, running or stepping for 15-20 minutes three times a week will provide a solid base for ski and snowboard stamina.

Here are some exercises to help you get in shape:

5 Things All Skiers & Riders Should Do Before The Ski Season Starts

2. Practice your technique.

If you’re lucky enough to be near an indoor snow/dry slope, why not take advantage of the facility to get your skills sharp?

If you’re like most of us (without an indoor slope nearby), you might want to improvise before the season starts. Mountain/hill hiking with walking sticks, mountain biking and indoor skating will help with ski memory. If there’s a race team or club at your favorite resort, they are probably in pre-season ,dry-land training right now. See if you can come out as an observer and get some free practice advice.

Don’t let your skills slide completely if you can avoid it.

5 Things All Skiers & Riders Should Do Before The Ski Season Starts

3. Make sure your ski and snowboard gear is ready to hit the slopes.

Chances are your gear has been with you through thick and thin. Powder, ice, slush – it’s probably time to give it a close look and/or a little makeover.

Ideally, you took your skis or board in for a tune-up at the end of last season. If you didn’t, now is the time to head to your local ski shop for a professional, pre-season tune-up (base fix, edge sharpening, wax).

Take a good look at your boots. Clean them up, try them on and air them out. Always keep your boots buckled to retain their shape.

Now is also the time to take an inventory of your winter gear/wear. Do you need a new helmet, gloves, jacket, or snow pants? Pre-season sales and ski swaps are in full swing and you’ll save on whatever you need.

5 Things All Skiers & Riders Should Do Before The Ski Season Starts

4. Plan and book your ski trips.

An annual ski trip (a long weekend and/or a full week) should be a big motivator! Who doesn’t want to ski or board at a big resort, on a glacier, or deep in powder?

There’s an almost limitless range of ski holidays for all levels of skiers/boarders. You’ll save by booking as soon as possible. Airfare, accommodations and lift tickets can be bought separately or in a ski vacation package.

5. Get your lift tickets now.

When you buy your lift tickets in advance from Liftopia, you save. It’s plain and simple. And just like a holiday, it’s nice to plan out when you are going skiing or snowboarding.

With over 250 resorts in North America (and a selection of World Destinations), there’s a lot to choose from. While we all have our favorite/usual resort (and maybe have a season pass), Liftopia provides a great opportunity to try out other resorts at a reduced price and get some variety in your ski season.

Are you ready for the ski season?

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