We’re a tech company as much as we are a company in the ski industry.  As such, part of what we aim to do is to generate and promote tech-forward ideas in a somewhat traditional industry.  That being said, here are five great methods for finding a ski vacation rental that leverage the power of the Internet.

1. One of the biggest dogs in the vacation rental space is HomeAway has rentals available in locations around the world, including lots of great options in ski and snowboard towns.  You can search for rentals near the ski area you’ll be visiting, and you can sort by location type (e.g. mountain) and features (e.g. hot tub, fireplace, etc.), which makes it easy to find the perfect place for you and your crew.


2., founded in 2008, is a relatively new company that specializes in ‘rental by owner’ properties.  You can find studios, cabins, and spacious rooms just by searching for the city, town or ski area you’re looking to stay in.  Much like HomeAway, this is another great option if you’re looking for a place to stay that feels like a home.  There are lots of deals to be had in Tahoe, Aspen, Park City, Lake Placid and a plethora of other ski towns.


3.  Although some people believe Craigslist has almost become passé as of late, it’s still a great website to find a ski vacation rental.  You can search for the type of accommodations you’re looking for and you can organize the search results by price, which makes it easy to find just the place you’re looking for.


4.  Despite the rising number of self-booked vacations, travel agencies are still great for finding a ski vacation rental.  One of the more reputable agencies that specialize in ski and snowboard vacation planning is  If you’re looking for a rental in North or South America, there are lots of great options at varying price points.  You can also book other aspects of your vacation through TourDeSport, making it a worthy contender when compared to HomeAway, AirBnB and Craigslist.


5. Last, but not least, you can always touch base directly with the mountain at which you’re planning to ski or board. If the mountain doesn’t have rental properties available, they’ll surely be able to guide you to some of the better deals in the area.  Does anyone know which ski area the below lodging is associated with?

What other methods do you use to find your ski and snowboard vacation rentals?

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