The sleeping bag is the modern man’s buffalo pelt; it keeps us warm, cozy, and alive. Luckily, these days we don’t have to head into the wilderness armed with stone spears when we want a new set of furs – we browse online and choose a sleeping bag that complements our outdoor aspirations. Online shopping, while admittedly less romantic, is easier by a long way.

Still, trying to pick out a sleeping bag can be equally as difficult as rustling up a choice buffalo from the herd. Our friends at Active Junky put together this list – starting with lightweight bags ideal for summer nights and ending with burlier winter options – to help you lasso your next sleeping bag. Without further ado, here are eight sleeping bags to keep you warm no matter what.


Deuter Dreamlite 500

Deuter dreamlite 500 sleeping bag.

The Deuter Dreamlite 500 proves that bringing a winter bag on a summer trip is a veritable nightmare. The lightweight bag is just right for minimalists who want to trim weight in their pack and kick rocks on the trail, especially when the sun is shining. While you would never want to rely on this ultralight bag with temperatures near freezing, it is certainly worth checking out during the muggy months of summer. See the full review->


The North Face Hightail 2S

North Face hightail 2s

The North Face continually puts out some of the preeminent gear in the industry. The Hightail 2S is no exception – it’s like combining the trusted technology of American autos with the innovation and style of Italian engineering. Of course, the Hightail is not a car, but the goose down sleeping bag will have you revving your engine in no time. Stay dry and cozy in the Hightail 2S down to 35 degrees. See the full review->


Terra Nova Laser 600

Terra Nova laser 600

The Terra Nova Laser 600 is not to be messed with when it comes to weight. At 1 lb. 6 oz, this sleeping bag is lighter than your water bottle and packs up to approximately the same size. Whether you are covering profane swaths of terrain or you just love having the best in the business, this sleeping bag will keep you warm, dry, and light as a feather so long as temperatures are above freezing. See the full review->


The Mountain Hardwear UltraLaminina 32

Mountain Hardware ultra laminina

Gals: when the thermometer reads just above freezing, this bag is going to be a gallant companion. The UltraLaminina is not only delightful to pronounce (try it… UltraLaminina…), but it’s well designed. The Lamina technology welds seams instead of sewing them, so that cold pockets and structural weaknesses are virtually eliminated. When the sun comes up and you are snuggled up in this mummy bag, comfortable insulation will have wishing for a couple more hours of darkness.  See the full review->


Sierra Designs Eleanor 19

Sierra designs Eleanor

It’s always ladies night in the Eleanor 19. Ergonomically designed to cater to a woman’s curves, the Eleanor will keep you toasty until the temperature drops to 19 degrees. The premium bag is stuffed with Sierra Designs signature DriDown, a water resistant innovation that has revolutionized the sleeping bag market. If staying dry is your priority, you better check out this epic option from Sierra Designs. See the full review->


Columbia Reactor 15

Columbia reactor 15

Columbia’s Reactor 15 is sure to keep you cozier than a hibernating bear. Between the mummy shape and top-of-the-line synthetic insulation, the Reactor has you covered – literally. Head to toe, wind or snow, this cocoon from Columbia will enable you to get a good night’s sleep and charge hard come morning. See the full review->


Mammut Sphere UL 3-Season Sleeping Bag

Mammut Sphere

Ladies and gentlemen: stepping into the ring, at 1.8 pounds, rated at 14 degrees – The Mammut Sphere UL 3-Season Sleeping Bag! Usually, a sleeping bag that can handle weather well below freezing will be significantly bulkier than this featherweight knockout. When the temperatures drop low and you still want to keep your pack light, bob and weave with the Mammut Sphere UL.  See the full review->


Sea to Summit TKIII

Sea Summit k iii

Sea to Summit has cooked up a unique dish: a comfy and warm hybrid sleeping bag. The TKIII has the rectangular foot of a traditional sleeping bag, affording movement unheard of in a mummy bag, while the upper section of the sleeping bag follows the backcountry blueprint with a tapering waist and cinching hood. Even when the snow begins to fall and temperatures dip as low as 12 degrees, you can still enjoy this comfortable concoction from Sea to Summit.  See the full review->









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