Have you been taking skiing too seriously lately? If you can’t easily remember the last time you threw on a onesie or some stretchy pants then that’s a yes. And that’s too bad. Skiing is supposed to be fun! But have no fear, summer is here and there is plenty of time to search some thrift stores and stock your closet for the most retro season yet!

The Onsie. Your one and done quick fix for going retro. The brighter the better. And what a novel concept! A one-piece ski suit so that when you’re getting rad no snow can find its way down your pants. These should have never gone out of style.

80's skier wearing a pink onesie

Shoulder Pads. Yep, I said it. Still one of the best fashion statements on the trail-way… And carrying your skis has never been more comfortable.

80s skier wearing an orange jacket with shoulder pads

Tight Pants. Well, maybe not too tight…

Two dapper men wearing tight 80s onesies.

Mullet. Just add a headband and you’d be surprised how many people stop and ask you to take a picture with them. Automatic celeb status…just like these guys.

Three men rock the onesies and mullets.

Ski Tote. Do your skis cross while you carry them? Have you been dropping poles lately? Score one of these bad boys and all your troubles will be forgotten… If you can figure out how to open it that is.

Easy way to carry your skies through the parking lot with a ski tote.

Snow Blades. If you are lucky enough to ski at a resort that rents these- do it! Seriously. You must do this at least once in your life. We all know Shane got more than his fair share of days on blades…

Skier hits a jump on snowblades overlooking lake tahoe.

Skinny skis. You’ll definitely feel at home in the 80’s decade when you whip out some retro skinny skis. Not only will you look awesome, but you’ll also get to experience and appreciate the way equipment has been improved. Skinny skis will complete your retro look and add a bit of a challenge.

Skiers in 80s gear wearing skinny skis

What’s your 80’s go-to ski outfit? Let’s see it!

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3 responses to “80’s Ski Gear: What You Need to Look Rad”

  1. Dbrucato says:

    I still wear mine.

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