We all know this winter season might look a little different – standing 6 ft apart in lift lines, riding the gondola with your own pod, potential daily capacity limits at resorts, and more. The good news is that since skiing is an outdoor activity, and we often have our faces covered anyway, the risk of the activity itself is fairly low. But, what happens when we want to take a break indoors or are craving that mid-afternoon hot chocolate? With potential limitations on the number of people allowed in indoor spaces, we wanted to share a few (fun!) ways you can warm up or chow-down without heading into the lodge.быстрый займ на карту без процентов срочно

Stash your pockets with hand warmers. 

You might think that we’re referring to keeping a supply of ready-to-use hand warmers in your jacket pocket in case your hands get cold. While this is of course one (traditional) way to use hand warmers, it isn’t the only way. I once skied with an instructor who swore by putting hand warmers in her sports bra on cold days to keep warm. If you try this, be careful as the packaging often instructs users not to have the warmers directly on your skin. Making sure you stay extra warm this season might help prevent unnecessary trips indoors, and reduce crowding in indoor spaces. Which brings us to…

Is this the season to invest in boot heaters?

If you really want to keep your toes warm this season, consider rechargeable boot warmers. Your feet will be toasty, and you can take turns all day long without coming inside (maybe except for a few bathroom breaks, but there are solutions to that too…) There are a few brands you can look at, but the two most popular across “the internet” seem to be Hotronic (can vouch for these!) and Therm-ic. If you’re able to make this investment, you’ll avoid both cold feet, and scrunched up disposable heaters at the front of your boots.

Hop in the car and crank the heat

If you’re really cold and need to “go inside” for a few minutes to warm up, don’t forget about your car! Your car can be a great place to take a rest, and crank up the heat. 

warming up in the car

Or try cuddling.

You can always cuddle with a buddy too! Just make sure they are from your household.

Or a little bit of whiskey.

While alcohol might not actually make you warmer, you might feel a little happier, and in the end, that’s what we’re going for right? Try carrying a small flask in your jacket pocket, or take the suggestion of an anonymous Liftopia-employee and spring for some Whiski Poles. I never knew these existed until recently, but what a brilliant idea. Each pole can hold up to 8oz of liquid, so to be sure to share (with members of your own household, of course).

Whiski Pole
PHOTO CREDIT: Whiski Poles

Parking lot tailgate

In addition to serving as an excellent spot to warm up, your car can be a place to tailgate during lunch time or for an afternoon snack. Consider stashing a mini-camping stove in your car to make your own ramen, hot chocolate, or toasty beverage of your choice. Another Liftopia employee swears by cooking up some “homemade hot dogs with cream cheese and hot sauce” and promises it is more delicious than it sounds. If a camping stove isn’t in the cards, you can always pack a thermos of hot water and leave it in your car while you take a few turns. Either way, be sure to pump some jams and get your dance party on while you’re out there – a sure way to keep the heat turned up.

What other ideas do you have for this season? It’s going to be a fun one!

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