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I’ve had the same snowboard boots for six years. The base of the right boot nearly completely separates from its partnered top, the laces of my left boot resemble spaghetti squash. But I don’t care — I love these boots. There is wonderful satisfaction in finding a piece of outdoor gear that fits just right, a product that gives you a sigh of happiness each time you put it to work.

Building a collection of gear that ignites that sense of satisfaction takes a little time, a dash of research, and the inevitable few dollar bills, but it doesn’t need to break your wallet or encompass the heavy slew of products that companies push. A simple way to get the biggest bang for your buck is to condense the products you buy to serve year round needs. Now while you can’t hike in snowboard boots, you can buy a backpack that can survive both snow and heat, and turn your smartphone into an action camera in the process.

By buying products that are durable and useful enough in all seasons, you boost your purchasing power, allowing you to explore more by using less.

The following items range from brand new technology to materials as old as the Romans. What they all have in common is their ability—from the mountains to the deserts—to give you a better, happier, outdoor experience.

1. GoTenna:

Six All-Season Outdoor Gear Essentials

PHOTO: Mashable

Whether you’re out of service dropping lines in the backcountry, or wandering the bunny slope unable to send a text message, GoTenna gives you the power of cell service without towers, Wi-Fi or satellites. Useful for both the urbanite and the ski bum, GoTenna will come to the rescue in a slew of situations whether you’re texting in the backwoods or snapchatting at a crowded music festival.

Gotenna uses radio technology to turn your smartphone into an out of service communication tool—an essential for any adventurer that likes to lose the grid. Convinced yet? Sign up on their website to preorder one; they’re so new you’ll have to wait just to get one.

2. Kelty Capture:

Six All-Season Outdoor Gear Essentials

PHOTO: Kelty

Contrary to popular belief, you really don’t need that expensive GoPro or that $200 day pack. For less than, while simultaneously making it easier for you to capture the moments you crave.

Whether you’re mountain biking or snowboarding, the Capture gives you the freedom to film every moment on your smartphone with its built-in action pocket that works hands-free. The Capture is available in 15L and 25L packs, both of which come with internal pockets, a hydration sleeve slot, and lots of room for anything else you’d want to pack along.

3. Leatherman Wave:

Six All-Season Outdoor Gear Essentials

PHOTO: Leatherman

With 17 tools compacted into a space the size of a pack of gum, the Leatherman Wave can tighten your skis, open your beer, and cut your nails faster than you can say “content.” The best selling multi-tool of all time, The Wave has proven itself the single most essential tool you could ever own. Case closed.

4. Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes:

Six All-Season Outdoor Gear Essentials

PHOTO: Ursa Major

Ursa Major’s Essential Face Wipes are deliciously refreshing and, by their very nature, essential. Whether you use them to rejuvenate dried skin after a day on the mountain, or to clean the grime from a day’s hike, Ursa Major Face Wipes are all natural, primarily organic, and deep cleansing. Ursa Major uses ingredients you can pronounce; supplied by family businesses you would actually invite to dinner. They feel amazing.

5. Patagonia Men’s Long-Sleeved Merino Daily T-Shirt:

Six All-Season Outdoor Gear Essentials

PHOTO: Patagonia

As a natural thermoregulator, wool keeps you cool in the heat and hot in the cold. Patagonia’s long-sleeved Merino Daily T-Shirt contains Patagonia-raised sheep’s wool to control your temperature and Capilene to wick away moisture. Merino wool is a natural odor suppressant so you can sweat all you like without letting out a smell.

The Patagonia Daily T-shirt is made with sustainably sourced wool woven by responsible manufacturers with transparent practices, leaving both your conscious and body at ease. With a casual, everyday design you can wear from the slopes to the hiking trails, you won’t want to pack your bag without it.

6. The RC Products Warden Lock:

Six All-Season Outdoor Gear Essentials

PHOTO: Amazon

Having had a brand new snowboard stolen, I can attest to the versatility and reliability of the Warden lock: It has paid for itself many times over. Besides locking up my board, I’ve used the Warden to secure my tent at festivals, to keep nosey friends out of coolers, and to lock my bike when in a pinch. Small enough to fit into your pocket but strong enough to keep a thief from casually swiping your stuff, this lock is a must for any outdoor enthusiast on the move.

About the author: Marcel Gremaud is a data dude, with a soft spot for story-telling. He moved to Colorado three years ago for school, but mostly to be closer to the mountains. He’s an avid snowboarder and also loves podcasts, science and economics. When he’s not riding around the Centennial State on his bike, he’s gauging analytics and crunching numbers at GetOutfitted.


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