The web has been abuzz with leaked internal Apple iOS codenames. As it turns out, the folks at Apple are even cooler than we thought.  The internal names used for each version of the operating system which powers the iPhone are all named for…wait for it…ski resorts!

We are proud to say that Liftopia has great deals at many of Apple’s favorite resorts, ranging from Wildcat in New Hampshire to Apex in British Columbia.  It’s even better now that you can find these deals in the Liftopia app for iPhone and iPod touch.

Each code release is below along with a link to learn more about the resort if you are so inclined.  Deals noted where available!

  • iOS 1.0 Alpine (save 44% off a two-day lift ticket)
  • iOS 1.0.2 Heavenly (rentals from 30% off)
  • iOS 1.1 Little Bear
  • iOS1.1.1
Snowbird (from 32% off a single day lift ticket)
  • iOS 1.1.2 Oktoberfest
  • iOS 2.0 Big Bear
  • iOS 2.1 Sugarbowl
  • iOS 2.2 Timberline
  • iOS 3.0 Kirkwood (from 30% off for single day lift tickets)
  • iOS 3.1 Northstar
  • iOS 3.2 Wildcat (from 40% off for single day lift tickets)
  • iOS 4.0 Apex (from 26% off  for single day lift tickets or a two-day lift ticket)
  • iOS 4.1 Baker
  • iOS 4.2 Jasper
  • iOS 4.2.5 Phoenix
  • iOS 4.3 Durango (from 36% off for a 2-day lift ticket)
  • iOS 5.0: Telluride
  • iOS 5.1: Hoodoo (from 78% off a single day lift ticket)

Can anyone figure out what Little Bear, Oktoberfest and Phoenix are all about?

Note to Apple: Hit us up for some Liftopia gift credit so you can go shred your favorite spot!

Map View of Tahoe on the Liftopia App

Map View of Tahoe on the Liftopia App for iPhone and iPod touch

snowbird mineral basin


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