Growing up in New Hampshire and going to college in Vermont has made Alex McIntire a true lifer of the New England area. He doesn’t call one mountain home, but rather lays claim to everything in the 603 (that’s NH). With a wife from North Carolina, it’s become the second Civil War in the McIntire household over what region their 1-year old daughter will most want to associate herself with. When he’s not skiing, Alex can be found stuck in a canoe on some pond hopelessly waiting for the next bass that will most certainly underwhelm, or in his local Crossfit gym wishing he was just at home eating pizza and hanging out with his dog, Bode. You can follow Alex on all his #dadlife adventures on instagram @a_mac_entirely.

New Hampshire’s 6 Best Ski Runs for Showing Off

We’ve all heard it from our buddies, “Well I skied this trail and it’s the steepest in New England” or, “I skied such and such and it’s the hardest in Utah.” That’s great. I’m proud of you, really. But, let’s… Read More →