Alexa is the owner of women’s adventure website, on a mission to inspire more women into the sports and lifestyle that has given her everything. She also works a professional snowboard guide in Japan, with years teaching and competing in snowboarding under her belt. Giving her clients the best day of their lives in the mountains is one of the reasons she keeps coming back to snowboarding year after year.

The Strong Women That Inspired Me to Snowboard

One of the reasons that I created was to tell the stories that I wished were available to me when I was younger. Back then, it was hard to find any information on women in skiing or snowboarding. The… Read More →

Keeping Your Kids Safe on the Slopes — Advice for Ski Parents

There is nothing I love more than seeing the next generation of kids enjoying the mountains. Especially when they are in a group without their parents. It reminds me of the strong, life-long friendships I made in the mountains and… Read More →