Hydration Tips For Athletes

Hydration Tips For Athletes: Why Drinking Water Alone Is Not Enough

In the US, the weather is heating up. Most of the snow has already melted away and, as soon as we switch gears from Winter activities to Summer sports, we will all be sweating out of control. This is the… Read More →

Fueling Up On The Mountain: How To Eat At High Altitude

You’ve felt it. You’re on top of the mountain and you breathlessly declare, “Ah, there is no air up here—I can’t breath!” Your heart is racing, you’re shivering, and you haven’t even started your run. Well, guess what, our bodies… Read More →

Fall Fitness: How to Win November with the Feed

Ski season is about to lift off. November is the month to focus down and tune up your fall fitness before the holidays storm in, and The Feed is here with some fitness & nutrition pointers. Here in Boulder, holed… Read More →

Skratch Hydration Mix with Apples & Cinnamon

Exercise & Nutrition: Get Ready for Winter With The Feed

Winter is coming! It’s already mid-October and most North American ski resorts will be spinning the lifts soon. It can be hard to get out of the summer mindset, but it’s time to get ready with exercise & nutrition via The… Read More →