Brendan has worked as an entrepreneur and developer for many web startups, ranging from bootstrapped to venture-funded, and including a few he created himself. He specializes in rapid prototyping new ideas and front end development, ensuring accessibility and usability for all. He graduated from Olin College near Boston in 2007 and immediately afterward moved to San Francisco. Since then he has spent time as an independent contractor and consultant all over the country before joining Liftopia full time.

The Toy Snowboard

It was a clear, bright 25th of December morning. A fresh round of snow no one had seen had fallen in the middle of the night coating suburbia in a thin layer of bluish white. Outside, the neighborhood was quiet… Read More →

The Best Skiing & Snowboarding Video Games

It’s the middle of summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, and in some places the heat index is in the triple digits. When heading to the beach sounds too hot, why not stay inside with the AC cranked up and… Read More →