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Six Places Liftopians Like to Lunch in San Francisco

Even though I’ve been (not so) subtly hinting at co-founders Ev & Ron to move the Liftopia HQ to my hometown Oakland, CA, I have to admit that one of the perks of working in San Francisco’s Financial District is… Read More →

5 Ways to Find a Ski Vacation Rental

We’re a tech company as much as we are a company in the ski industry.  As such, part of what we aim to do is to generate and promote tech-forward ideas in a somewhat traditional industry.  That being said, here… Read More →

“BRB” Strategy for Beginners – Buy, Rent, Borrow

When I started working at Liftopia in October 2011, I was excited to realize I would be in prime position to begin skiing again after 20 some odd years.  When snow finally began to appear with some earnest in February,… Read More →