Evan founded Liftopia with Ron Schneidermann in 2005. Evan has deep experience in building pricing, yield optimization and inventory management strategies for lift tickets, rentals, lessons, and other ski resort related products. Prior to starting Liftopia, Evan was at Hotwire.com where he managed revenue maximization and pricing strategy for mountain destination hotels. Prior to Hotwire Evan held some distinguished temporary positions making copies, printing from microfiche, and taking calls at various Bay Area companies. Evan spent four years working out of his closet to get Liftopia off the ground. Evan grew up in Topsfield, Massachusetts and attended Colby College. He is fluent in German and grew up skiing at Ski Bradford, Attitash and Sunday River.

#LiftopiaLocals – Shining a Light on Mountain Communities in the Summer

In the 14 years that Liftopia has been around, we’ve sent millions of people to ski areas in the winter time. Along the way, we’ve spent countless hours flying, driving (even “train-ing”) from mountain town to mountain town, and have… Read More →

How Much Does it Cost to Ski (or Snowboard)?

How much does it cost to ski? While a simple question, the answer is basically “it depends”. Historically (and oversimplified), it used to be somewhat easy to understand the answer to this question by looking at the window rate at… Read More →

Liftopia’s New Team Members

At Liftopia we are incredibly fortunate to work in an industry where our partners, customers, and team are passionate about everything involving snow, mountains and fun.  When Ron and I started Liftopia in 2005, we knew our business would only… Read More →

Partner Intelligence official launch in November

A Peek Under Liftopia’s Hood

It is hard to believe we have been working on Liftopia for 7 years now, and it certainly has come a long way since the first few years of working out of dining rooms and closets (true story).  Those of… Read More →

Dreaming of snow

Top 5 Ski Lift Ticket Trends For 2012/13

The Liftopia office is buzzing. Every season skiers and snowboarders start to get the itch.  It could be a cool breeze that catches you the right way, the change in the way the light falls on the trees, or if… Read More →

You Liftopians Are Die Hard: The Weather This Winter

This season has been interesting.  Strange weather all over, Tahoe winter arriving in March (check out Team Liftopia adorned in trash bags below), lots of snow for our friends up in Canada, and all of you making the most of… Read More →

Strategies for Successful Hooky Playing (to go ski)

Editor’s Note: The 3rd Annual National Play Hooky and Ski Week kicks off on March 3, 2014! There are still plenty of great lift ticket deals to help you get after it this season. So, read up on these strategies below and… Read More →

It’s not all Doom and Gloom: Winter Conditions

This season has been a bit disappointing so far in most parts of North America.  While I do not intend to gloss over the fact that most of us are bummed out about the relative lack of snow (and lack… Read More →

Evan learns to ski - Attitash, 1989

Why Learning to Ski or Snowboard is Awesome

Working in the ski industry, it is easy to forget how we all got here.  At some point in the past, whether it be a year ago or 50 years ago each of us took the first step to change… Read More →

Liftopia’s First PhoCusWright

A few weeks back Ron and I had the opportunity to attend the yearly PhoCusWright conference held in Hollywood, Florida. PCW is somewhat of a legendary conference involving a massive list of interesting people from the global travel market.  This… Read More →