How to Get the Perfect Shot

7 Tips to Getting Perfect Ski Photos

Getting great ski photos isn’t always easy. However, keeping in mind the following tips should make the process and the outcome that much better. Like anything, the more you practice, the more intuitive it will become. To get started, here… Read More →

Photography: An Inside Look at a Backcountry Ski Shoot

Lets face it, the best place to get great powder photos, is in the backcountry. The further away from the crowds, the better the snow. However, getting there with a big pack full of camera and backcountry gear, is sometimes… Read More →

Large ship on cold ocean surrounded by snow covered mountains with group of people looking out over bow.

Skiing Antarctica: Behind the Scenes

One of my favorite (and best-selling) ski photos I’ve shot was from an incredible trip to Antarctica last year. This photo in particular, has stirred questions such as, “What is skiing in Antarctica like?” or simply, “What is Antarctica like”?… Read More →