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5 Ski Area Mascots Everyone Should Know About

They’re always up to boogie down. They’ll throw you high-fives after you face plant. They are the first ones to tackle pond skimming come Springtime. And somehow, their oversized heads never seem to throw them off balance while sliding on… Read More →

Indoor Skiing & More: 8 Places to Extend Your Season

Spring: notorious for plenty of snow and some of the deepest skiing of the year. With winter storms like “Yona” still dropping inches like deejays drop beats, the season remains in full swing. With such great conditions, you’ve booked your… Read More →

Killington Ski Resort Guide

Description With greater snowfall than some Rocky Mountain resorts and a vertical drop that incites envy, you’d be well advised to take this Vermont ski area seriously. Nicknamed “The Beast of the East,” the mountain has all the east-coast ski… Read More →

Chris Benchetler

Pro Skier Chris Benchetler: 11 Questions on Art & Skiing

Long before Chris Benchetler was in love with skiing, he was drawing lines. Luckily, he kept up with both disciplines because the lines he drew now grace his namesake skis, the Bent Chetler. Working hand-in-hand with Atomic, Chris’ latest incarnation of… Read More →

Rachel Burkes (Photo Credit: Powdermag)

4 Fierce Pro Skiers — And Oh Yes; They’re Women!

We’re often celebrated for our looks. Sure, we look better than the average guy in a bikini and our bare midriffs might turn more heads, but did you know that the female gender can also rip a mountain in two,… Read More →

How to Ski Bum With Style, Part 2

Are you in the prepping stage becoming a ski bum? See part I of this two-part series for tips on getting ready for the ski tour of your life. You’ve done it. You’ve hit the road and are now ready… Read More →

How to Be a Ski Bum Next Winter

Want to hit the road and ski all winter? It’s not as impossible of a dream as you might think. Ski bumming has been a part of my life for many moons (read: winters). For example, last season I road… Read More →

How Not to Spend Your First Day Skiing

Want to prove to yourself that you won’t enjoy the slopes? Make sure you do the following on your first day skiing or snowboarding. For those who want to make the most of their ski day (and basically have an… Read More →

How to Meet a Pro Skier or Snowboarder

How to Meet a Pro Skier or Snowboarder

You follow pro skiers and snowboarders like others follow celebrity gossip. You know how each ranks and where their styles shine on the mountain. You know how long Ian McIntosh was out from a broken femur and how long Jen… Read More →

East or West? Comparing the Coast’s Camping

Outdoor folks are an opinionated bunch. Nothing speaks more clearly to this than discussing matters of east verses west.  Skiing: west. Hiking: east. (Yup, we proved it.) Camping? There’s a consensus but where’s the fun in divulging it in the… Read More →