The product of an architect father and an interior designer mother, it was inevitable that Gray would end up in the design profession. Raised in North Carolina with the ocean and mountains both a short drive away, he grew up with a passion for the great outdoors. Once completing both his BFA and MFA in Graphic Design, Gray spent the next 14 years designing and building brands in Chicago and San Francisco, including Xbox 360, Samsung, HP, Oscar Mayer, The Home Depot, Potbelly Sandwich Co., Kraft Foods, Barilla Pasta, and Nivea. Now as a designer, musician, snowboarder, photographer and cyclist, Gray continues to balance his need for the culture, pace, music and arts of the city, with the serenity, beauty and adventure of nature.

Cyber Monday: We’re Dumping Cash Like El Niño’s Dumping Snow!

The leaves are piling up as the temperature continues to drop. There’s excitement and anticipation in the crisp air, signaling the arrival of winter. With each passing week, the storms roll over and transform the mountains into a land of beauty… Read More →