Heather Balogh is a freelance writer who is native to Denver, Colorado. The quintessential adventurer with a never-ending love for the outdoors, Heather isn't afraid to try new things. She spends her summers backpacking, peak bagging and trail running and her winters skiing and snowshoeing. She has her M.Ed with a focus on outdoor sports for special needs populations, and even spent a few years as an adaptive ski instructor. When not playing outside, you can usually find her in her local CrossFit gym or hunting down international adventures. To date, she has lived on three continents and visited upwards of 30 countries. You can find her on Twitter (@AColoradoGal), Instagram (@AColoradoGal), or on her site (http://www.justacoloradogal.com/).

3 Life Lessons Adaptive Students Teach Their Ski Instructors

Every day is different if you are an adaptive ski instructor. Names, faces, equipment and disabilities constantly vary and instructors need to be on their toes in order to keep up. But there’s one thing that always remains the same:… Read More →

Winter Park Resort Guide

Tucked away from the chaos of the I-70 corridor, Winter Park Resort is a favorite of locals and tourists alike. With small-town charm and old school character to remind us of ski days past, Winter Park/Mary Jane is a hidden… Read More →

7 Tips To Avoid Ski Crowds During the Holiday Season

The snow is falling in the mountains and the time for turkey has passed. The holidays are officially upon us, and with the seasonal sweet treats and festive lights comes an even bigger holiday for many: ski season is officially… Read More →

How To Move On After a Life-Changing Injury

In the world of skiing, injuries happen. We all know a friend who has blown an ACL and the sight of a skier rag-dolling down the slope is all too common. However, for adaptive skiers, the life-changing accidents frequently cause… Read More →

A Beginner’s Guide to Adaptive Skiing

Ralph Green lost his left leg at the hip as a result of a random street shooting in Brooklyn. He was only 15 when he was gunned down. Vasu Sojitra was merely 9 months old when he was diagnosed with… Read More →

Steamboat Resort

Steamboat Resort Guide

Flaunting Western hospitality and copious amounts of Champagne Powder®, Steamboat Ski Resort is one of the penultimate Colorado ski towns. Not only will the tree skiing excite the most adventurous powder hound, but the mountain is also ranked as one… Read More →