I joined the Liftopia team in November 2011 to help manage the relationships with our partner resorts and provide them with inventory pricing suggestions to help maximize revenue. I've taken a several year hiatus from the slopes due to injury but my bones are healed and I'm excited to get back in the game!

Pal-on-Pal Powder Pranks

Editor’s Note: We’re not suggesting you pull these pranks, and published the post with the intent they’d be taken with a grain of salt. We DO support spending time & having fun with your friends & family on the slopes… safely!… Read More →

Millionaires On Skis: How to Spend $1M on Skiing

Hey millionaires… Want to spend $1M on skiing?  Here’s how you (and 4 friends!) can have the experience of your lives: First, purchase a $100,000 Great Canadian Heli Season Gold Pass for you and your four best friends.  This entitles you… Read More →

Favorite Ski Town Beers

This past season, I was unfortunately sidelined by injury.  From an après ski and beer consumption standpoint, this wasn’t so unfortunate.  It became my responsibility to hold down a spot at après or the brewery for all my colleagues, friends,… Read More →

5 Favorite Ski Resort Golf Courses

It’s become a recent trend in the ski industry for resorts to build out golf courses in an effort to boost visitation during the non-ski months; the course also generally serves as the main driver (pun intended) of vacation home… Read More →

Stereotypical Characters in Ski School

Unlike many of my colleagues here at Liftopia, my skiing career has been filled with several multi-year hiatuses.  As a result, I have had the honor and privilege of taking multiple intro-level lessons over the course of three different decades. … Read More →

Powder Days: 5 Creative Ways to Ditch Your Friends Without Being Offensive

Due to the fact ski season is relatively short and we’re at the mercy of unpredictable weather conditions, it’s crucial to maximize your runs when you get out on the slopes.  Sometimes, accomplishing this requires strategically ditching your friends or… Read More →

Top 5 Activities For Non Skiers at Mountain Resorts

Let’s talk mountain activities! You and your three buddies are contemplating the destination for the next weekend getaway.   You’re an avid skier.  David loves hitting the slopes.  And your other best friend, Jared?  He’s gone skiing before but isn’t head-over-heels… Read More →