In the spring of 2010, I joined the Liftopia team as an Operations Associate. A San Francisco native and city girl at heart, my experience on the slopes has been non-existent as I have only been on the slopes twice in my entire life. Last season, I put on a brave face and took my first snowboarding at Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe Resort – the experience was amazing! My biggest motivator this upcoming season is to keep up with my twelve year old daughter, who learned how to ski at the age of nine (crossing my fingers that she doesn’t “unfriend” me on Facebook out of sheer embarrassment at my attempt to improve my snowboarding skills).
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Cheap and Easy Condo Eating

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Favorite Drinking Games When Snowed In

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Top 10 Female Snowboarders Changing the Industry

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Beginner’s Perspective: A Guide to Ski Lingo

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Tips For Keeping Up with Your Kids on the Slopes

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Liftopia Volunteer Day

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