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Winter Isn’t Over Yet – More Powder This Week!

Courtesy of our friends at Open Snow. For more details about the snowfall at your favorite areas, check the “Daily Snow” posts from Open Snow forecasters in Tahoe, Utah, Colorado, the Northwest, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona, and the Northeast. The calendar says that it’s officially spring, but… Read More →

2013/14 Snow Report: Where the Snow Fell This Season

Meteorologists can’t always make an accurate prediction, but we’re quite good at analyzing what has happened in the past. And since I find seasonal snow forecasts unreliable, lets stop predicting and instead look back at the 2013-2014 season to see… Read More →


Snow Report: The State of the Snow

We’re more than half way through the season, so let’s look back at the last few months to see what mountains have had the most snow. While I love the east coast (I grew up there), and they’ve been having… Read More →

Where Will the Snow Fall This Season?

If you have flexibility in your schedule and want to find the best snow, I’ve found that 10-day forecasts provide a useful guide to the general timing and location of the next storm. By the time the storm is 3-5… Read More →


Snowfall is Returning to Normal

With the New Year quickly approaching, let’s take stock of our current snow situation and see which areas are winning and losing across the US and Canada. Of course there are no losers when it comes to skiing (because any… Read More →

Weather Wrap Up

The most popular phrase used by meteorologists this season was “the weather pattern looks like it will change in the next week or two.” Yeah, right! Unfortunately for most locations in the U.S., the weather pattern didn’t change much during… Read More →

The Snow is Catching Up

There is no such thing as “average” weather across the western United States. Especially when it comes to snow, the use of averages is somewhat misleading. Over half of the snowfall in big mountains comes from just 20% of the… Read More →