Julie Blakley is an adventure seeking digital marketer who is always on a quest for a bigger line, deeper snow and the next big adventure. Currently based in Portland, Oregon, Julie spends her time not on or in the mountains riding her bike, indulging in the Pacific Northwest's best eats'n'drinks and trying to stay out of trouble. You can follow along her ski, bike, drinking and culinary adventures on Instagram (julieblakley), Twitter (jetsettingjulie) and Google+, or on her blog. http://www.jetsettingjulie.com/
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Big Mountains and Big Powder in Valdez, Alaska: A Journey to Ski Mecca

I first heard about the legendary big mountain freeriding and ski scene near Valdez, Alaska after watching a segment from Teton Gravity Research’s 2012 “Dream Factory.” “Dream Factory” tells the story of how bush pilot Chuck McMahan started flying his… Read More →