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10 Things You Should Know Before Moving To A Ski Town

In the summer of 2002, I needed a change. I was working in a big city in a job that I loved but made me cry almost daily. I wanted something different, something completely unlike what I was doing. So… Read More →

6 of the U.S.’s Last Great Ski Towns

Let’s face it: things change. You get older, technology races full speed ahead and you can no longer get a tank of gas for less than a dollar. The ski industry has changed, too. From high-speed six-person chairlifts to apps… Read More →

Pro or No: How Do You Get Ready For Ski Season?

As the 2016-17 ski season approaches, there are two ways to get ready: the “smart” way or the “whaaaat???” way. From how you prepare physically to how you get your gear ready to the first time you step on the… Read More →

4 Types of Campers You Want On Your Camping Trip

Oh, summer. Days of outdoor adventures and hijinks, culminating in the ultimate warm weather experience: camping. What other excuse do you have to hang out with friends, not shower for days and experiment with pyromania? While there are many different ways… Read More →

Crack Open a Cold One: 10 Best Canned Beers for Camping

There are a few truths about camping that we hold self-evident: Lighter is better. Pack in it, pack it out. Avoid poison ivy. Bear bells are useless. However, some things are more of a personal choice, such as how much… Read More →

How to Dominate the Pond Skim, Cardboard Derby & Schneetag

What do you call weather than can flip from sunny and 50 degrees to puking snow and teen temps in 24 hours? Spring. It’s a crazy, unpredictable time of year. Adding to this meteorological craziness is the general revelry and… Read More →

8 Ways To Spot A Ski Bum

Ski Bum (noun phrase): A person who frequents ski resorts habitually, often doing casual jobs, for the sake of skiing. (1960+) –The Dictionary of American Slang, Fourth Edition by Barbara Ann Kipfer, PhD. and Robert L. Chapman, Ph.D. Or, to… Read More →

Turn Back the Clock: Vintage Ski Maps

The history of skiing is a very, very long one, dating back to the last Ice Age during the Paleolithic period. Don’t believe me? Cave drawings have been found suggesting that man used skis. More proof? The oldest ski artifacts,… Read More →

Breakfasts of Champions: 12 Places to Fill Your Tank Before Hitting The Slopes

Just about anyone who has experienced the joy of a full ski day has probably at least heard of the term “après-ski.”* However, you might not have heard of “avant-ski.” What is avant-ski, you might ask? It’s the process that… Read More →

10 Unspoken Rules That Skiers & Snowboarders (Should) Abide By

In life, there are unspoken truths—facts and ideas that are so widely acknowledged that they are not questioned, merely upheld. Example: Nothing good ever happens after someone says, “Hold my beer and watch this.” Sometimes these truths are ignored; the… Read More →