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2 Ways To Save on Lift Tickets For Your 3-Day Weekend

Long weekends, like Presidents Day, are traditionally big ski weekends. Not only do the holidays guarantee you an extra day on the slopes, but it’s also when the season is in high gear and when Mother Nature starts dropping some… Read More →

Snow Gear For Women That Rock

Whether tearing it up in the park, slicing through the trees or crushing the darn whole mountain, we gals deserve some seriously rockin’ gear for all the sick stuff we plan on doing in 2014. Our Activejunky testers handed these… Read More →

Big Mountain Set Up: Head-To-Toe Backcountry Gear (Men’s & Women’s)

A great day in the backcountry can take a lot of preparation, but getting geared up doesn’t have to be a process. We, at ActiveJunky, have compiled a list of our best men’s and women’s head-to-toe sets from our Winter Gear… Read More →

Ski & Snowboard Gear: Best of 2013-2014

Winter is knocking on the door for you to come out and play. Bring your best toys to the game this season with the best tested ski & snowboard gear picks from Activejunky’s Winter Gear Guide. Tested in Valle Nevado,… Read More →

Smith Advantage

Top 10 Helmets

Politics aside, if history has taught us anything it’s that wearing a helmet, be it on the slopes or on a ride, is a pretty good idea. Active Junky has found a few nifty picks for the upcoming season that… Read More →

Rossignol Soul 7 Skis

5 Game Changing Skis for 2014

With every new ski season comes new technologies that promise to let you skip the bunny hill and fly down the slopes in bigger ways. Some companies are really killing it with the gotta-have-it-now innovations, and so we have gathered… Read More →

5 Rising Ski Brands to Scope This Winter

Innovation comes in many different forms, and nowhere is it quite as diverse as the ski-wear world. A new generation of labels are taking on the market with style, techie knowhow and some snazzy looks. Check out five of our… Read More →

2013 Bike Roundup

Whether tarmac or trail flows beneath your tires, you understand the heart-pumping art of rolling on two wheels. Velocity, torque, force – these are merely words, the scientific jargon we have adopted in an attempt to describe the indescribable. As… Read More →

Top Mountain Biking Accessories

Even after the snow melts, adrenaline is close at hand. When our beloved skis and snowboards are ceremoniously laid to rest in the garage, it’s time to break out the mountain bikes and get after it. For those of us… Read More →

Time to Get Cozy: 8 Stellar Sleeping Bags

The sleeping bag is the modern man’s buffalo pelt; it keeps us warm, cozy, and alive. Luckily, these days we don’t have to head into the wilderness armed with stone spears when we want a new set of furs –… Read More →