4 Tips For Skiing Over 50

I started skiing at the age of 6 and I’m now well above 50. My first boots had laces; my skis had screw-in edges and ski straps; my poles had leather strap baskets. A lot has changed since then –… Read More →

The Alpine Responsibility Code Explained

You’ve seen this sign for years – it’s often in yellow – and usually off to the side of the Main Lodge and/or at the lift line at virtually every ski resort in the world. It’s the top 10 list… Read More →

Do You Have What it Takes to Be in the Ski Patrol?

Being a Ski Patroller is tough to define. It’s a mixture of a few things: Ski/snowboard “bum” (meaning you absolutely love to be out on the slopes—day or night, any temperature, any conditions); first responder (you know what to do… Read More →

How To Get Ready For The First Day Of The Ski Season

If you are like most, including yours truly, you came home from your last day of skiing last spring and thought, “Maybe there’s one more day? It can’t be the end of the season already, can it?” And then there… Read More →

5 Most Helpful Tips For Beginner Skiers & Riders

As a Ski Patroller, I love seeing more people coming out to enjoy the slopes as “first timers” and beginner skiers/riders. The following points are really not as much tips as they are the basics: 1. First Time Ever? Pick… Read More →

Tips To Stay Warm On The Slopes

As a Ski Patroller, I’ve become an expert at staying warm in the winter. I’ve also seen what happens if you don’t dress for the weather. (It’s not pretty.) Cold, snow, rain, spring-time. I ski in all conditions and for… Read More →

How To Become A Ski Patroller

The very quick and easy answer to the above title is—Contact your local ski patrol to get more information on how to become a ski patroller. The longer answer starts with the following question… Do you have what it takes… Read More →

A Day In The Life Of A Ski Patroller

I started skiing at the age of 6. When I think back to my early days of skiing (rope tows, T-bars and all), I remember seeing those Ski Patrol guys (and girls) and thought, Wouldn’t it be neat to be… Read More →

How To Pace Yourself During an 8-hour Day on the Slopes

You may be reading this post/article because you are a fan of the Liftopia Blog and you’re reading through various posts. I like it too because of the great tips, advice and information. But you may have come to this… Read More →

How to Get Down Tough Runs

With winter upon us, you’ve got some great ski days ahead. Maybe you’ve got some day trips planned to that bigger, better ski resort that you don’t normally get to. Better still, maybe you’re taking a real ski vacation at… Read More →