I grew up in upstate NY skiing around the foothills of the Adirondacks. One of my early favorite places was the long rolling hills of a rural cemetery. With high school came ski club and trips around the northeast. The military sent me to Europe, I stayed there for two years skiing the Alps - God Bless America. Back home, I took a liftie job at Killington then headed west for a while, I still have a place in Killington because I love skiing the east. When I found Utah and Park City I saved to buy a small place where I could take a bus to three world class resorts and commute to a bunch more. I cover skiing for About.com and I have a mission to bring families and ski resorts together. People ask me what's my favorite resort. From a guy who grew up lugging skis down railroad tracks to ski around gravestones I can honestly say - If it's got snow and gravity it works for me. See you on the slopes.

What’s New in New Hampshire, New York and Massachusetts for 2011-12 Season

When skiing around New Hampshire you’ll find something for the whole family. I like to check out the ski schools and every resort in New Hampshire that I’ve skied at makes a point of offering a very comfortable experience for… Read More →

What’s New in Vermont and Maine for 2011-12 Season

Skiing Vermont can’t get much easier than following Route 100 to catch almost all the major ski areas. Starting with Mount Snow in the south and ending at Jay Peak up north, here’s what’s new and exciting at Vermont resorts… Read More →

What’s New at Utah Ski Resorts for the 2011-2012 Season

In the land of the Greatest Snow on Earth® ski resorts could just sit around and wait for winter to bring local and destination skiers to the liftlines. However, that doesn’t happen here in Utah. When the lifts stop in… Read More →