I joined Liftopia in September 2011 as the VP of Customer Support with the goal of giving our customers the best support in the industry. I've been helping customers and building fun support teams since 1997 at ISPs, start-ups, and big companies like Snapfish and Nickelodeon. Before that I received a Ph.D. in Recent Continental Philosophy, so if you want to chat about Complexity Theory in the works of Gilles Deleuze while you're waiting for them to clear the snow off the road to your favorite mountain, just give Liftopia Customer Support a call and ask for Otto. Best of all, I've never skied or boarded a day in my life, so you all will get to read what it is like for me to go from 0 to 100 this winter while I learn to shred around Lake Tahoe and Park City. Can't wait!
Liftopia Bike-Friendly

Liftopia Named One of San Francisco’s Most Bike-Friendly Businesses

May 2014 was National Bike Month, and an exciting one for us here at Liftopia! As the weather warmed up, more and more Liftopians started to commute to the office on bike and on some days, up to 75% of… Read More →

Connecting Mountains: Ski Area Interconnects

Connected ski areas provide many benefits for skiers and riders looking to extend their fun, and the ability to access multiple mountains from one set of lifts can lead to a great vacation. However, ski area interconnects often lead to… Read More →

Top 5 Snowboard Tricks

Snowboarding has come a long way in a very short time: 50 years ago, Sherman Popper’s Snurfer was released with a cute little rope for you to hold onto as you plummeted downhill, but snowboarding was considered so weird and dangerous… Read More →

Five Favorite Mountain Breweries and Distilleries

There is nothing finer after a long day of riding or skiing than a cold beer or a fine cocktail.  Even better is something handcrafted with care and love right there next to the mountain. Luckily, with the craft beer… Read More →

Celebrity Sightings: When Celebrity Skiers Hit the Slopes

Throughout the rise of skiing, fun celebrity skiers have used the slopes as another venue to see and be seen. Now that our culture has become completely obsessed with fame, celebrity sightings happen even more often at ski resorts around… Read More →

Top 5 Downhill Mountain Biking Resorts in North America

Editor’s Note: Have you already conquered these five? Check out our updated list of top downhill mountain biking resorts, 2014-style. Lift-served mountain bike lift tickets and packages from resorts across North America are now available on Liftopia.com. Check out our… Read More →

Top 5 Music Festivals at Ski Resorts

Ski resorts around the globe pride themselves on being prime destinations for sports, fun and entertainment, and they don’t just limit it to skiing and riding. Besides offering fine dining and amusements for the kids, hip resorts over the past… Read More →

The Forecast This Winter: More of the same, but not quite as much

Predicting the weather is a fool’s errand. Where else can you be considered great at your job when you get everything wrong 50% of the time? Major league batter, maybe, but not much else. Nonetheless, we are all dying to… Read More →

Best Ski Town Eats

Before, during and after a long day of riding, the most important thing to keep you going is to stay fueled up with good, hearty ski town food. Ski towns used to be notorious for trying to pawn off lukewarm… Read More →