Why Stop Now? The Lowdown on the Upcoming 2019 Ski Season in the Southern Hemisphere

When we think of skiing in the southern hemisphere we often think of South America or possibly New Zealand. However, there are actually six countries on three continents south of the equator (assuming the globe makers have the world the… Read More →

Top 5 Tips for Spring/Summer Skiing

More ski areas are open in North America this spring and summer after some huge winter snowfalls left deep bases which in some cases may well still be there when next winter rolls around. Among the resorts staying open at… Read More →

Where To Ski During Spring 2019

For many, the start of spring brings to mind thoughts of great mornings on the slopes enjoying the spring corn snow, then long, lazy afternoons enjoying the sunshine with a cool beverage. But for others it also means that annual… Read More →

On Set: Ski Resorts Where Popular Movies Were Filmed

An ever-growing number of famous films have used ski resorts for their sets.  Sometimes the movies are so big the resorts never forget their time in the spotlight and stage annual festivals or even build permanent exhibitions themed on the… Read More →

The Biggest Verticals in North America 2019

Is size everything? Well in skiing and snowboarding terms, maybe yes, maybe no.  The great thing about offering a huge vertical is that when you get to the top it’s a long, long way down before you need to get… Read More →

The Biggest Ski Areas In North America Right Now – 2019

Editors Note: This piece has been updated for 2019 A few years ago, I put together a list of the biggest ski areas in North America. Re-reading it recently, I was surprised just how quickly the list had got out-of-date—it… Read More →

10 New Developments in the Rest-of-the-World For Winter 2018-19

Every year ski areas around the world spend millions on fancy new lifts to make getting up the slopes quicker and more comfortable than ever before, as well as making other infrastructure improvements. There are at least 200 new lifts… Read More →

The Big New Improvements on the Slopes for 2018/19 (North America)

When you’re pondering the price of your lift ticket this winter keep in mind that every summer ski resorts collectively spend hundreds of millions of dollars on new lifts and upgrades – and that’s just a small part of your… Read More →

The Southern Hemisphere’s 2018 Season is Underway Early Thanks to Lots of Snowfall

Summer is here and that means the start of the summer skiing season north of the equator, and the main 2018 ski season in the Southern Hemisphere. In fact it has been so snowy in the Andes of Argentina and… Read More →

Score Thanksgiving Powder At These 7 Ski Resorts

There’s nothing better than a great, early start to the ski season. Luckily for us, Thanksgiving weekend is when many US ski resorts open their slopes. Liftopia: Buy Lift Tickets in Advance & Save There have been some spectacular early snowfalls… Read More →