Summer Skiing

Summer Skiing: Get Your Snow Fix During North America’s Off-Season

For those that crave the snow even when Winter is over – Fear not! Somewhere in the world, at almost any time of the day, a snowy slope is open for your skiing or boarding pleasure. Today, there are more… Read More →

Southern Hemisphere Kicks Off Winter 2016 With Massive Snow Totals

‘Awesome’ is the only word we can think of to describe the start of the 2016 ski season in the southern hemisphere. In the days and weeks leading up to the start of the season, there have been some huge… Read More →

Where To Ski & Ride Until June (And Even July!)

2015-16 saw a switcheroo in snow conditions across North America. After four lean seasons (particularly last winter), the much-hyped “Gozilla El Nino” was a major factor in bringing the biggest snowfalls to much of Western North America since 2010-11. Alyeska… Read More →

6 Reasons To Ski Stunning Switzerland

1. Scenery Where is the most stunning scenery from the slopes? Opinion is, of course, divided. For one thing, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and, for another, it’s hard to make generalizations. But, for well-travelled skiers, a… Read More →

Ski Stats: The Longest Vertical Drops in the Universe

Generally speaking, the bigger a ski resort’s vertical, the longer the runs that you can ski from the top. For those that love the feeling of skiing or riding for as long as possible, we’ve rounded up the longest vertical… Read More →

January is Learn To Ski & Snowboard Month!

January is Learn To Ski & Snowboard month, and as a way to encourage more people to try skiing or boarding, resorts across the US are offering special programs and discounted rates to any first timers wanting to give it… Read More →

Top 10 Largest Ski Resorts In North America

Ski resort size has always been a big issue for resort marketing. The bigger the ski resort the more we can ski, right? Some people are happy to ski the same runs over and over, believing small is beautiful. But if you’re one… Read More →

6 Alternatives to the Classic Ski Trip

We all love to ski, snowboard, and even toboggan down the slopes, but did you know there’s plenty more to enjoy on snow? In the past few years, a whole host of new sliding and riding devices have been unveiled. Here… Read More →

Bond Back on Snow: Top 5 James Bond Ski Scenes

This week, the latest James Bond 007 movie, Spectre, will be releasing in movie theatres around the world. This time, there’s added excitement for skiers and boarders: Mr. Bond is back on the snow! There are long running connections between… Read More →

The World’s Best Après-Ski Champagne Bars

“Always start the day with coffee, and end with champagne,” the old saying goes. Or maybe it was just a birthday card I once received. Well anyways, it’s one I try to live by, especially during the holidays, except mine… Read More →