Rose Marie Cleese first made ski journalism tracks several decades ago as an assistant editor at SKIING magazine in Manhattan and then back on the West Coast as the magazine’s western regional editor. A two-term president of the Northern California/Nevada Ski Media Association, the "starter dough" of today's NASJA (the North American Snowsports Journalists Association), she was the first female staff member in the Hearst-era San Francisco Examiner’s sports department, filing a weekly wintersports column, and covering the 1976 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck. Her articles have appeared in metropolitan newspapers, monthly magazines, and on national wintersports and travel websites. The West Coast correspondent for, she looks forward to keeping Liftopia’s “AARP-eligible” blog visitors informed of senior-related wintersports news, deals and destinations.

Here’s How The Ski Industry Is Fighting Climate Change

Cold, snowy weather is the very foundation of the ski industry. Thus, it’s not surprising that climate change has been at the top of the industry’s priority list since the turn of this century. Before that, ski areas relied on… Read More →

5 Tips For 4th of July & Summer Skiing in the Sierra

Even though summer has officially arrived and temperatures are reaching triple-digits across the country, are you still nostalgic about winter and wish you had gotten in a couple more days of skiing or boarding? You’re in luck. Ski season is… Read More →

The Sierra Sees Record-Breaking Snowpacks This Season!

The snowfall records in the Sierra this season have been falling faster than the snow! To date, the ever-so-light snow that’s been falling by the foot has piled up to amounts that exceed resorts’ season totals, and it’s only mid-March… Read More →

How Old Is “Too Old” To Start Skiing Or Snowboarding?

What’s the cut-off age for starting to ski or snowboard? The answer is simple: you can take up—and keep—skiing or boarding at any age! You can never be too “over the hill.” It’s unanimous. Just as health experts have been… Read More →

What Was It Like To Go Skiing 50 Years Ago?

Hey, you young’uns (i.e., skiers and boarders under 50), if you were to be plopped down in the middle of a ski slope in 1966, you’d find yourself in a strange and unfamiliar land—from the snow to the skiing techniques… Read More →

Prepping For The Slopes: Cardio, Balance & Strength Exercises For Senior Skiers

Attention, skiers of a certain age. Remember when prepping for ski season consisted of reaching up to put your skis on the ski rack and bending over to buckle up your boots? Hate to tell you but once you hit… Read More →