Travis Rice shredding.

In the Moment

I unweighted my board and landed on my heel edge, and now again onto my toe edge, throwing turns quickly, rapidly, with purpose. I swept between trees, ducking under branches, willingly putting myself in danger on the face below Chair… Read More →

Rocking out at Sugarloaf's Spring festival

Sweet Spring Festivals

The ski season may be coming to a close in most parts of the country, but Spring celebrations have been going on for weeks!  Here’s the low down on some of our favorite events this season.  Most of them have… Read More →

Top New Year’s Eve Parties at the Slopes

The holiday season is upon us, and that usually means spending a lot of money to give gifts to others. The spirit of giving is in the air!  And that is a wonderful feeling.  That is, until you give your… Read More →

Snowboard Lingo 101

In a college playwriting class, I was given the assignment to write a multilingual play where the characters spoke at least two different languages.  Now, I was too busy ripping pow and daydreaming about gnarly jib lines in high school… Read More →

Rocker vs. Camber: Snowboard Technology Defined

A game-changing development in snowboard technology came a few years ago, when Lib Tech released it’s now uber-popular Skate Banana.  The Gnu Park Pickle followed shortly thereafter, as did a flood of other “rocker” and “reverse-camber” boards. Let’s take it… Read More →

5 Ridiculous Ski Accessories on eBay

Skiers and snowboarders are practitioners of a very expensive pastime.  Unlike sports such as basketball or soccer that only require a ball and a place to play, or activities like jogging, which only requires you to have feet and the… Read More →

Theater Festivals in Ski Towns

While skiing, snowboarding, drinking, eating, shopping, drinking, fireside chats, snowmobiling, drinking, and drinking are all integral and incredibly enjoyable facets of the ski/après ski experience, there are times when I get tired of listening to my buddies brag about their… Read More →