Wendy formed The Ski Diva in 2006 to give women a place to talk about everything and anything to do with skiing. Today, the site has thousands of members around the world and is the leading online community for women who love to ski. A resident of Vermont, Wendy is the author of two ski mysteries: Double Black and Fade to White. She is also a member of the North American Snowsports Journalists Association, and received the organization’s Harold S. Hirsh Award for Excellence in Snowsports Blog Writing in both 2016 and 2017.
Photo by Sebastian Staines

10 Tips for When You Haven’t Skied in Awhile

When people ask me how long I’ve been skiing, I actually have to give it some thought. Because it’s really not that simple: I skied for a number of years, then stopped for awhile, and then took it up again…. Read More →

Getting Your Gear Ready for the Off-Season

We’ve all heard the reports: Squaw and Mammoth have announced they’ll be open through Independence Day, Breckenridge through Memorial Day. With the record snowfalls in the west, it wouldn’t be surprising if more were to follow suit. Buy Lift Tickets… Read More →

A Guide on How to Demo Skis

So you want to buy new skis. Maybe you’ve been renting and think it’s time you had a pair of your own. Maybe you want to replace a pair that has too much wear or doesn’t feature the latest technology…. Read More →

A How-to Guide on Skiing Powder

Imagine this: you’re on vacation at a terrific ski resort. You wake up in the morning, look out the window, and see white, white, and more white dumping down from the sky. It’s a powder day! Do you: Say, “Ugh,… Read More →

What to Look for in a Ski Rental

Renting a condo or an Airbnb for a ski vacation is a great idea. The choices are amazing: you can get anything from a cozy cabin to a sprawling ski lodge to a small studio condo. And the benefits are… Read More →

How to Dress for Maximum Warmth and Comfort

I hate the cold. There. I said it. Seems almost blasphemous when you consider that this is a ski blog. So maybe I should amend that a bit: I hate being cold. But since I love to ski, I’ve learned… Read More →

8 Great Ski Towns You Must Visit

What makes a great ski town? Everyone’s preferences are different. Obviously, proximity to skiing is important (otherwise, it’d just be a town). Great food and lodging help. But for me, the most important element is something that doesn’t lend itself… Read More →