Editor’s Note: The 4th Annual National Play Hooky and Ski Week kicks off on March 2, 2015! We’ve got tons of great advance purchase lift ticket deals across the U.S. and Canada so read up on these excuses below and get ready to hit the slopes!


2nd Annual National Play Hooky and Ski Week!

In case you haven’t already heard the great news, March 4th marks the start of the 2nd Annual National Play Hooky and Ski Week!  We’ve already convinced you why you need to skip out on work, school or other obligations, but now it’s time to arm you with the excuses you’ll need to successfully pull it off!

First, we’ll share some of our favorite excuses here at the Liftopia HQ.  You may remember a few from last year, but they’re so slick we wanted to share them with you again, along with a few new gems we’ve unearthed!

  • Religious reasons! The Snow Gods are calling!
  • I have the fever… for skiing/riding!
  • Migraine. (No one messes with migraines.)
  • I’m having vision problems.  I just can’t see myself coming into work on a powder day!
  • I have a toothache and need to get it checked out.
  • My grandma is sick. No, the other one, not the same one as last week…
  • I’ve got pink eye. (No one wants to be within 10 feet of anyone who has conjunctivitis.)
  • My puppy/kitty/gerbil/other small, cute animal is sick. (Nothing is more heart-wrenching than a sick pet. You’ve got insta-empathy.)
  • I’ve received a callback for a reality TV show! (Note: only use this one if you’re a phenomenal liar and/or storyteller.  Everyone will want to know which show you might be starring in!)
  • My long lost sibling has just found his/her way back to the family after being lost in [insert ridiculous location here.]  (Note: this one also requires excellent lying and/or storytelling skills.)
  • I just found out I was switched at birth. Legally, I shouldn’t come to work knowing my employee records may now contain false information. Keep you posted!
  • I’ve got a pest infestation! Bed bugs, everywhere! (Gross.)
  • Simply say you can’t come in. No excuses, no reasons.  Just that you can’t come in and you’ll see them the day after.
  • Honesty. It’s clearly a Powder Day and you plan on hitting the slopes.
Jackson Hole is a great place to play hooky & hit the slopes!

Photo Credit: Natan Davidovics, taken at Jackson Hole

And now, a few choice excuses from the Twittersphere:

  • @alvey_ski: My dog ate my motivation to come into work today.
  • @Diamond_Dale: I have to go to the doctor because I just cannot SEE myself coming into work today.
  • @rhorton85: Sorry boss, can’t come in today. I’ve got a rehab session for an addiction I have with a powdery white substance.
  • @gabearichardson: Requested a week off work for “gravity testing research” to be conducted with @IUSkiandBoard at @jhski.
  • @Stumbling_LT: A pipe burst in my apartment, I can’t come into work today… through text message at 6 am.
  • @jetsettingjulie: “I’ve got a bad case of the powder flu.” Actually have used that one before. Honesty is best policy.

Looking for something slightly more advanced?  Check out Liftopia co-founder Evan Reece’s extensive strategies for successful hooky playing.

Well, what are the go-to excuses YOU will use to play hooky and hit the slopes?  Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter with hashtag #playhookygoski for the chance to win a $10 Liftopia Gift Credit!

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