In case you haven’t already heard, this week marks the start of the 5th Annual National Play Hooky and Ski Week. Now it’s time to arm you with the excuses you’ll need to successfully pull it off!

Last week, we asked you what your favorite excuses are for getting out of the office or class to go skiing or snowboarding. Here is the list that YOU came up with.

(Need some help creating your own excuse? Let our #PlayHookyGoSki Doctor’s Note Generator 5000 help you make up the perfect one.)


  • “I can’t make it because I have a therapy appointment.” (It was technically true since snowboarding does wonders for my mind, body, and soul. (Credit: Kristina Okker)
  • I am mentally unstable today and physically challenged so I will be taking the day off I return in a day or two depending on how much snow we get carry on folks (Credit: Scott Richards)
  • I own the company and as such, I’ve built my schedule around powder days. There is no excuse. It is a plan with a purpose! (Credit: Jeff Synder)
  • “I’ve got a fever, and the only cure is… POWDER!” (Credit: Heather Haukenberry)


  • “I was so excited for work on Monday, I put my work keys in my pocket on Sunday. It seems that I might have lost them when skiing Sunday….sooo I’ll go look for them and let you know when I fund them. Thanks!” (Credit: Jake Sibell)
  • “I need to go skiing” (Credit: Jenn Elenbaas)
  • “A very large tree fell down across my street and knocked down power lines as well and I am unable to get through until the road crew clears the tree and the power company removes the wires.” (Credit: Donna Kendall)
  • “Somebody around here is gonna get hurt if I don’t go skiing this week.” (Credit: Alisa Gabriel)
  • “I have seasonal affective disorder. I can’t work during ski season.” (Credit: Bob Raab)
  • “If I don’t go snowboarding, my doctor says I’ll die.” (Credit: Jon Kelso)
  • “I fell on some ice.” (Credit: Christopher Roth)



  • “I am morally sick and can’t control my judgment.” (Credit: Scott Dillman)
  • “I have to attend the funeral of my very very loved friend Mr. Schnee.” (German for snow) (Credit: Soeren Sauer)
  • “My doctor suggested I take my injury and keep it cold and elevated!” (Credit: Dorene Congo Penny
  • “I’m too well for work today.” (Credit: Gerry Dempsey)
  • “My religion requires me to commune with nature whenever there is more than 2 inches of fresh powder on the ground.” (Credit: Hazel Gaberel)
  • “My car is stuck in the mountains.” (Credit: Kyle Rodman)

Need some helping making up an excuse? Our #PlayHookyGoSki Doctor’s Note Generator 5000 has you covered.


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