Our Best in Snow Awards for 2019 are out! Thank you to all who voted. You can find all the results on our site, and you can vote for next year’s awards as well!

Best in Snow 2019 Awards: Full Results

As we dug through all the data (and there was a ton!) we learned a lot about our audience and what resorts they love.

Vote for YOUR Favorite Ski Area – Best in Snow 2020 Awards

We wanted to highlight some of the fun facts that we came across in this survey! Let’s get started…

Lots of Skiers Responded to the Survey

Of the 8,000+ survey participants. 73% identified as skiers! That’s a good majority of our audience. As a snowboarder, I figured it’d be closer but I was wrong! Maybe it’ll be closer next year…

The Northeast Came to Vote

When we broke down the votes by location, over 20% of the voters were located in either New York or Massachusetts. Since there are a TON of ski resorts in the Northeast, this isn’t too surprising. Lots of skiers = lots of votes!

Top Overall Ski Areas in North East
Top Overall Ski Areas Northeast

Liftopians can SHRED

82% of our respondents identified as expert skiers or above! So when we calculated our Best in Snow ranking for most challenging terrain, the voters have probably skied it. We love the black diamonds!

Families are Fun

44% of our voters reported they ski with kids. Skiing or snowboarding is a passion for most of us, so sharing that with your children seems natural. And, there’s ski week which is always fun. We are getting the next generation of skiers and snowboarders started young, and who knows, maybe the next Mikaela Shiffrin or Chloe Kim are just getting started.

Millennials? Not so much

Our respondents skewed to the more experienced side, as 68% were listed as 40+. So we take that as our Best in Snow voters have decades of cumulative knowledge and experience to share with us. So it bears to mention, our voters know what they’re talking about. And we are happy they are passing their knowledge down to the next generation.

Voters LOVE the Liftopia App.

67% of you use the liftopia app (thank you!!). Did you know that the Liftopia App is now available on Google Play? Well it it, and you should download it today to get all your preferences set up for next season. (See below!)

The Liftopia app is also on iOS. And just between us, we have some fun things we are working on for our app to roll out next season. All the more reason to download!

Thank you again for voting for your favorite ski areas in our Best in Snow Awards. If you didn’t vote, don’t you worry – our survey is open for next season.

And remember, you can vote for NEXT year’s awards, right now!

Vote for YOUR Favorite Ski Area – Best in Snow 2020 Awards

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