Valentine’s Day is here, and love is in the air.  What more does a single skier or snowboarder want than to find that special someone who also loves sliding on snow? Knowing that, I can’t think of a better place to meet that person than on the chairlift.  You are guaranteed a solid 5 to 12 minutes to woo your target, and unlike hitting on someone in a bar, he or she can’t escape you (aside from hurling herself off of the chair which would cause serious bodily harm).  Yup, you’ve got ‘em cornered and they can’t even throw a drink in your face.

Black Mountain's Chairlift Speed Dating Event is a big hit.

Black Mountain’s Chairlift Speed Dating. Photo Credit: Black Mountain

Below I have assembled some of the best chairlift pick up lines I’ve heard, with the help of a little crowdsourcing from the rest of the Liftopia staff (and interwebs).  But I do advise you, use with caution, it is hard to tell what someone really looks like behind their helmet, facemask and goggles. And if you are a lady, remember the age-old ski-town dating adage: the odds are good, but the goods are odd.

Pick-up lines for beginners on the slopes.


  • I wanna be the pizza to your french fries.
  • Don’t make me fall for you.
  • Did you just fall through a cloud on the way down from heaven? Or did you just faceplant in some pow?
  • “Watch out, you don’t want your scarf to get caught!” [Smoothly slide arm around shoulder]
  • Let’s go back to your gondola and get down(loaded).

Pick-up lines for intermediates on the slopes.

  • What is your DIN setting?
  • Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I ski by you again?
  • Is that a Red Bull in your snow pants or are you just happy to be sharing a lift with me?
  • Nice moguls.
  • Consider this your season pass, can I buy you a drink?

Pick-up lines for experts on the slopes.

  • Nice rockers, wanna see my top sheet?
  • I think my heart just did a double cork 1080 and got 15 feet of air out of my throat.
  • Looks like they have been doing avalanche control around here, because I just found me a bombshell!
  • I won’t pull your pass if you duck my rope.
  • I hope you find me under an avalanche because I could use some probing.

And the surefire ski-bum line to get every girl going:

  • I have a job.

If you are looking for the perfect opportunity to give these lines a test lap – check out Black Mountain, NH, on Saturday February 16th for their 4th annual Chairlift Speed Dating event. The folks at Black Mountain pair you up with another single to ride their “lift of love” double chair that takes about 10 minutes to the top.  Just enough time to assess the viability of your newfound love connection.

What are some of your favorite pick up lines for the chairlift? Share with us in the comments below!

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8 responses to “Best Chairlift Pick Up Lines: Cupid on Skis”

  1. Randy Butterknockers says:

    In the lift line: Are you single, cuz you could join our threesome?

  2. My personal favorite: “I just try not to turn unless there’s something in my way…” Not only did it leave me drooling, it resulted in a 3 1/2 year releationship 🙂

  3. joe mitchell says:

    u maid me laugh:))

  4. TGR says:

    y that ski sweater is becoming on you, but if I was on you I would be coming too

  5. Kristen Cherry says:

    Love it!

  6. Montucky says:

    What do you and the mountain have in common? Your both gettin 8 inches tonight

  7. AlanAlanAlan says:

    If you lipslide my rail, I will nosepress your box

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