The leaves are piling up as the temperature continues to drop. There’s excitement and anticipation in the crisp air, signaling the arrival of winter. With each passing week, the storms roll over and transform the mountains into a land of beauty and wonder…We call this place Gnar’nia. This perfect, powder-utopia is the place where you leave behind the clutter and frustration of your everyday life for the gentle crunch of snow under your boot and that magical shoosh of your edges carving through untouched fresh.

Yes, Gnar’nia does exist and you can reach it. While your wardrobe will be key in this adventure, you won’t be climbing through any dusty old cabinet hiding out in your attic. No, no… we have a friend whose only goal in life is to get you out into the Gnar, and he’s dumping cash like El Niño’s dumping snow.


The Gnar-Bot 5000

GnarBot - half

Gnar-Bot 5000 enjoys dancing in the snow, great arm workouts, and handing out Liftopia gift credit by the $100s….

And starting Saturday, November 28th at 12:01a MST until Cyber Monday on November 30th at 11:59p MST, he’s waking up with a whole lot of Liftopia Ca$h to give out. Head to and you’ll be guaranteed to win anywhere between $10-$250 in Liftopia gift credit.   

Simply enter your email address to spin the Gnar-Bot 5000 and you’ll be emailed a Liftopia gift credit code for the amount you’ve won.

Then spread the word and go enjoy Gnar’nia yourself!



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2 responses to “Cyber Monday: We’re Dumping Cash Like El Niño’s Dumping Snow!”

  1. stephwells says:

    The snow leopard, the yeti, and the gondola… welcome to gnarnia!

  2. Alex says:

    Beautifully written, makes me want to head to the mountains right meow!

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