From giants like Anheuser Busch to independently owned Amass Spirits, a number of distilleries have recently pivoted to making hand sanitizers. Some are focused on manufacturing specifically for first responders and healthcare workers, and others are selling or giving directly to the public. 

If you’re running out of hand sanitizer and unable to find some at your local stores, consider picking up (or ordering) directly from a distillery. Many of them are offering it for free or free with purchase. Bonus points if that distillery is in a mountain town.

But first, some guidance

Hand sanitizer should be used only if you’re unable to wash your hands. Washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is still best. (New York Times has a satisfying video and some guidelines on technique.)

Why soap (and yes, any soap)? Because viruses, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19, are surrounded by a coating of proteins and fat. When viruses interact with soap, the fat coating is literally destroyed. But it takes 20 seconds to happen.

Ok, so what kind of hand sanitizer should you look for? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends alcohol-based sanitizers with greater than 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol.

And how should you use it? Yep, there’s a technique. Use enough product to fully coat hands, and rub your hands together vigorously—as though you were washing with soap and water. Rub until your hands feel dry, about 20 seconds.

Lastly, a quick PSA: Don’t hoard. We’re all in this together, and though we all need to take care of ourselves and our loved ones, let’s be sure to leave some supplies for everyone else—especially older adults and those who are immunocompromised. 

And now, the distilleries

When we started putting together this list, we wanted to give some extra love to distilleries in mountain towns. But as we started to research, we realized there are non-mountain town distilleries who should be mentioned as well.

Our criteria? Distilleries whose purchase policy or giveaway policy was clear, either through their website or social media. Note that the below list is subject to change. We’ve found the best way to stay up to date on their information is to check their social media, ideally their Instagram profiles.

Our list includes distilleries who have specific instructions on how to buy or support, so it is not inclusive of every single distillery across the U.S. If there’s a distillery you think we missed (and hey, we probably did), please give us a shout in the comments.

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Without further ado, below is our list of distilleries who are now making hand sanitizers, including where and how you can buy them. 

DistilleryStateHow to buyAdditional info
10 Torr Distilling & BreweryNVIn person2oz. bottles available for free in the taproom with any 10 Torr purchase
Amass SpiritsNYOrder onlineA portion of the proceeds will go to the United States Bartenders Guild Emergency Grants Program to assist bartenders affected by the sudden closures of bars and restaurants.
Asbury Park DistillingNJIn personAsbury Park is giving 2oz bottles for free with purchase.
Bier DistilleryMIIn personCheck website for availability
Blinking Owl DistilleryCAOrder online / in personLimit 2 per household.
Breckenridge DistilleryCOIn personFree, if you can swing by in person.
Burl+SprigMITBDComing soon; check their social media
Capital DistilleryNYIn personCall for availability
Cultivated CocktailsNCIn person / order aheadFor high-risk people or local businesses. Call or email to order ahead; bring a reusable container.
Dry Hills DistilleryMTOrder online / curbside pickupCall, email or go online to order ahead
Eastern Kille DistilleryMIIn person / order aheadGallon jug for $40; email them with questions
Eda Rhyne Distilling CoNCIn personCredit card only
Ferino DistilleryNVIn person750ml bottles for $35 before tax; limit 6 per person.
Five & 20 Spirits and BrewingNYIn person or with deliveryFree 1 bottle per customer
Fraser Valley DistillingCOIn personFree, if you can swing by in person. Ideally, order dinner and do curbside pickup to support their business and maintain social distancing!
Fyr DistillingCOIn person700ml Bottles are $12 and all sales are subject to applicable state and local tax.
Golden Moon DistilleryCOIn personFree with purchase
Grand Teton DistilleryIDIn personEmail them at
Grand Traverse DistilleryMIIn personCheck website for availability
Heritage Distilling CoWAOrder online / in personLimit 2 per customer per day
Kings County DistilleryNCIn person / order ahead / shipping limitedAvailable for pick up at the Gatehouses and for shipping in New York State.
Koenig DistilleryIDIn personVisit their website for details
Long Road DistillersMIIn personLimit 1 per person; also selling surface sanitizing spray
Longtucky SpiritsCOIn personFree, if you can swing by in person.
Mad River DistillersVTIn personFree, if you can swing by in person. Check their Facebook page for updates
Mammoth DistillingMIIn person / order aheadFree personal size refills; can purchase per gallon
Marble Distilling CompanyCOIn personFree, if you can swing by in person.
Mississippi River Distilling CoMSOrder onlineCurrently out of stock
Ogden’s Own DistilleryUTIn person / order aheadThey are working to be able to sell online
Old Trestle DistilleryCAIn personLocal pickup for Hand Sanitizer will be on Friday, April 3 from 12pm – 1pm
Outlaw DistilleryUTIn personVisit their website for details
Palmetto DistilleryNCAvailable for pre-orderHealthcare workers, first responders, and high-risk people are priority.
Rising Sun DistilleryCOIn person / order aheadFree 4oz bottle with liquor purchase of $30 or more; or available for purchase
Rolling Still DistilleryNMIn personFree
Six & Twenty DistilleryNCIn personCheck social media or call ahead
Smugglers’ Notch DistilleryVTIn personA portion of the proceeds will go to to state mitigation efforts
Springbrook Hollow DistilleryNYIn personFree; limit 2 per family
St. Johnsbury DistilleryVTIn personFree with purchase
Steamboat Whiskey CompanyCOOrder online / they deliver (local only)Free with purchase
Stoneyard DistilleryCOOrder onlineAlso available in large bottles
Sugar House DistilleryUTIn personVisit their website for details
Talnua DistilleryCOIn person2 personal size bottles with every whiskey bottle purchase
Telluride Distilling CompanyCOIn personFree; 1 bottle per person
Tennessee HillsNCIn personFree with a minimum $2 donation. Free bottle with orders over $30.
The Depot Craft Brewery DistilleryNVIn person4 oz bottles (limit 2 per order) at $6 for a single bottle, 2 for $10, or free with a $50 purchase of Depot spirits or beer
Vanjak COOrder online / pickup onsite$9.30 for the 16 oz bottle and $27.90 for the 64 oz bottle.
Verdi Local DistilleryNVOrder online / curbside pickupSelling in 50ML, 700ML, and 750ML size bottles
Whistling AndyMTIn person / at other local shopsVisit their website for details
Wildwood SpiritsWAOrder online / in personFree 2oz bottle with $10 donation
Wood’s High Mountain DistilleryCOIn personThey are requesting $5 per bottle to help the bartender staff while they’re under forced closure

Bonus list: Hand Sanitizers for First Responders and Healthcare Workers

As we did our research, we identified a number of distilleries who are either making hand sanitizers specifically for first responders and healthcare workers, or who are prioritizing them before the broader consumer market. Here is that list, including some guidance on how you can donate directly to the cause.

DistilleryLocationAdditional info
10th Mountain Whiskey & SpiritCOFor first responders
Albany Distilling CoNYTBD; check their social media
Antler Run DistillingNYFor now, they are producing hand sanitizer only for their local health facilities. You’ll be able to order once their community is taken care of.
Black Button DistillingNYFor every $10 donated, one bottle of hand sanitizer will be donated to a non-profit organization in need across Monroe County.
Caledonia SpiritsVTYour purchase will go directly to first responders and medical workers.
Copper Bottom Craft DistilleryFLTheir local community, where it’s free for pickup.
Devils Creek DistilleryCAFor first responders
Distillery ParkCDNThey are donating hand sanitizers AND sterilizers to their local Town of Banff Emergency Coordination Center. Fill out their form to make a request!
Finger Lake DistillingNYProviding hand sanitizer in bulk quantities to first responders and medical workers. Contact them to make a request.
Glacier DistillingMTFirst allocated to local pharmacies, first responders and other at-risk population.
Gulch DistillersMTFor first responders and local hospitals first
High Peaks DistillingNYFor first responders and health organizations
Holler Horn DistillingNYProviding hand sanitizer in bulk quantities to first responders and medical workers. Contact them to make a request.
Koenig DistilleryIDFor local hospitals
Koval DistilleryILChicago-area retirement homes, first responders, and medical workers
Montgomery DistilleryMTFor first responders and local hospitals first
Mystic Mountain DistilleryCOThey are donating to local and national charities.
SILO DistilleryVTDonate to their GoFundMe; for local community
Skip Rock DistillersWAAgency and non-profit orders will be processed first
Spirit Hound DistillersCOFor first responders and local hospitals
Spirit Works DistilleryCAFor first responders and local hospitals
Spring44 DistillingCOFor first responders and those running essential businesses
Syntax SpiritsCOFor fire department / first responders
Westslope DistilleryMTFor first responders and essential businesses first
Willie’s DistilleryMTFor first responders and local hospitals first
Wise Men DistilleryMIFor first responders; check social media for updates
Woody Creek DistillersCOCurrently for first responders and medical workers; likely to distribute to the general public soon.

Thinking about how you can help your community and healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic? Consider donating your ski goggles.

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