Like any social situation, there are a few dos and don’ts to the après ski scene. While most skiers and riders seek to enjoy warmth, conversation, and spirits after a day on the mountain, some people unfortunately don’t instinctively know how to hang nicely with others.

Below are a few tips to help up your game and après like a pro!

The Do's and Don’ts Of Apres Ski

PHOTO: Jeff Wilcox

1. Stash your gear where it belongs.

You dropped a few grand on new skis and want to show them off? Show them off on the slopes and not by leaning them against the wall next to your après table… Just don’t.

Did you miss the “no skis or snowboard inside” sign? And seriously, get your ski boots off the table. Instead, stash that sweet ride in a locker or walk your happy butt out to the car. No one wants to get pummeled by your gear during happy hour.

2. Keep it casual.

Après ski is a magical occasion when you get to wear undies in public. I’m not talking bras and thongs…I mean base layers. No need to shower and change before joining friends for a hot toddy. Stash your gear and bring a smile.

The Do's and Don’ts Of Apres Ski

PHOTO: chriscrowder_4 on Flickr

3. Share a table.

Good après spots fill up fast when the lifts stop spinning. Instead of hogging a table, offer any empty seats to latecomers. Nothing epitomizes “jerk” like two people claiming a table for six while other people stand. It’s also a great way to meet people. If someone offers you a seat at their table, reward them with a drink.

4. Rinse off before dipping.

Hot tubs feel divine after pounding your legs in below freezing temps all day! However, hot tubs aren’t a substitute for bathing. Rinse off your post-ski funk before climbing in. No one wants to wallow in a film of your filth. For more on hot tub etiquette read: A quick and dirty guide to hot tub etiquette.

The Do's and Don’ts Of Apres Ski

PHOTO: Scandinave Spa Whistler

5. Turn over the keys.

No humor here, it’s never cool to drink and drive. Like any occasion, if you must travel after drinking, turn over your keys to a designated driver, call a cab, or get a room. Another option is to gather at home, a friend’s place, or your hotel, so you won’t need to drive after. Accidents on mountain roads are no joke.

6. Pace yourself.

Relaxing after a day on the snow is a pleasure, but nursing a wicked hangover the next day is not. Also, many ski areas are at a high elevation. If you’re not used to this, use caution—alcohol and altitude don’t mix. I’ve seen ski vacations turn into puke-fests thanks to this nasty combo. Pro tip: Pace yourself by drinking a glass of water between each alcoholic beverage to minimize the effects of high elevation.

Skiing and après gatherings are two of the great joys of winter. I hope you’ve enjoyed my humor (mixed with truth) in this post. If so, check out my primer on playing nice in the snow: How not to be a jerk on the slopes.

Après ski veterans, what tips would you add?? How do you balance party and play on the slopes? Please comment below.


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