When I heard there was a “James Bond Cinematic Installation” atop the Austrian mountain where the big action scene from Spectre was filmed, I could definitely contain my excitement.

I pictured a slightly dusty collection of outmoded guns and exploding pens in a cold and drafty old barn.

I pictured wrong.

Elements 007, high atop Sölden ski resort in the Austrian Tirol, is a serious piece of work. And an entertaining look at the longest-running series in film history. Instead of a barn, it’s housed in a purpose-built architectural gem. It takes you behind the scenes — literally behind the scenes — of some of the greatest action sequences ever filmed.

The one that’s most thrilling is the scene from Spectre where Daniel Craig’s Bond, cruising just above the snowy ground in a shot-up light plane, has to battle four Land Rovers filled with armed villains.

Along with pretty much everybody else in the world, I’d watched it before; like most of the humans on the planet, I’d seen the movie.

Didn’t matter. I still heard myself gasp out loud as Bond headed for certain death as he flew at the barn which WAS RIGHT THERE IN THE FLIGHT PATH!

No escape, no time to turn or climb — James Bond was gonna die.

At Elements 007, you not only see the crash but see how they made the crash happen — spoiler alert — without sending Daniel Craig to a fiery death.

You also meet Goldfinger and Pussy Galore, see the biggest movie explosion ever, admire the real plane Craig flew in, see how Bond’s cars and guns changed over the years.

The Elements 007 experience begins with Barrel Of The Gun, an entry tunnel that combines Bond’s iconic title sequences and its unforgettable musical scores. From there, you proceed through a series of rooms that encompass the lairs of Bond villains, wild and exotic locations, a history of the series, special effects, famous stunts and more.

Wow. I emerged shaken. Shaken, and stirred.

But wait, there’s more. While you can take a gondola and a chairlift directly to Elements 007, you can also ski the morning at this enormous resort, glom on some of the most gorgeous mountain views this world has to offer, contemplate schussing down the sphincter-tightening glacier, wallow in powder, or cruise Sölden’s endless groomef runs. Then, see the show.

Or even better, make a total splurge of the day. Do all that skiing in the morning, then book into lunch at ice Q, which is not only Sölden’s highest restaurant but it’s highest-end restaurant as well. The service is as lux as the courses are delicious. The contemporary cubist architecture is only eclipsed by the views, which on a clear day, stretch south all the way into the snow-covered Italian Dolomites.

Finish your lunch, farewell the view, then say the words you know so well: “Bond. James Bond.”


The price of admission to Elements 007 is 22 euros. Combine entry with a lift ticket (but without a ski pass), 54 euros. Youth and children are cheaper. Last entry of the day is usually 3:30 pm. But once a week, there’s an evening show.

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    What a wonderful experience both destinations must have made! Thanks for sharing, Jules & Effy.

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